Obama, Cone And Black Liberation Theology


Obama, Cone And Black Liberation Theology


R.E. Prindle


     On page 6 of A Black Theology Of Liberation James H. Cone says:

If God is not involved in human history, then all theology is useless, and Christianity itself is a mockery, a hollow meaningless diversion.

     Mr. Cone at this point is in possession of the truth.  God is not involved in human history.  if Dr. Cone had substituted the word religion for Christianity, he would have been spot on.  The truth is too much for him and he rejects it.  He moves on to a laughable absurdity, same page:

     God is not color-blind in the black-white struggle, but has made an unqualified identification with blacks…

     This is so full of nonsense one doesn’t know where to start laughing or when to stop.  ‘God is not color-blind…’ To this point in human history no one has been so daring as to make such a claim.  Or was concerned with the question.  Dr. Cone doesn’t explain how he knows God isn’t color-blind but he goes further and applies it to the black-white struggle.

     In the black-white struggle he has made an unqualified identification with blacks says Dr. Cone.  In other words blacks have God on their side.

     Well, having God on your side is a claim that has been hooted down with derision by every Liberal who walked the boards for the last hundred years or so.  The last person I know of who publicly identified his cause with that of God was Kaiser Bill and look what happened to him.  While White Liberals have laughed at such a claim in others they applaud it from the mouth of Dr. Cone.  Consistency is the bugabear of small minds, isn’t it?

     Now that Dr. Cone has come to the conclusion that God is on the side of himself and his fellow Africans there are logical consequences.  He explains those on page 9:

     In order to be Christian theology, a white theology must cease being white (his italics) theology and become black theology by denying whiteness as an acceptable form of human existence and affirming blackness as God’s intention for humanity.

     One wonders why God created White people when he had gratified his intentions by creating Africans.  I’m definitely not going to argue theology with Dr. Cone.  It’s impossible anyway because he doesn’t intend for anyone to have an arguement.  How can one argue with God’s intention as understood by Dr. Cone?  I would refer him instead to my earlier quote or part of it:  If God is not involved in human history, then all theology is useless…a meaningless diversion. 

     Having got it right the first time I see no reason for Dr. Cone to continue.  All the rest of his writing is as useless as his theology.

     The black-white struggle if it can be settled without open warfare at all has already been settled by the sciences of biology, genetics and evolution.

     The problem is to be settled there and not in some wishful theology.  If scientific  results are unacceptable to Africans then the next step is only too obvious.   They say they will riot if denied an African president at this time in history.  Well, let ’em.



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