Barry Dunham-Obama Sex and Guns


Barry Dunham-Obama Sex And Guns


R.E. Prindle


     Conservatives…tend to bristle when it comes to government interference in the marketplace or their right to bear arms.  Yet…conservatives show little concern when it comes to government wiretapping without a warrant or…attempts to control people’s sexual practices.

Barack Obama

The Audacity Of Hope, p. 57

     Barry goes beyond fuzzy thinking.  His vision of the beliefs of ‘Conservatives’ and Liberals is hopelessly muddled, indeed, mere projections of his make believe deluded reality.  I don’t know of any Conservatives who believe in wiretapping with or without a warrant.  We may assume from Barry’s apparent position that he believes Liberals do object.  I’m not so sure this is true.

     It seems that nearly all people I talk to whether they claim to be Liberals or Conservatives are willing to give away the courthouse in the name of security.  Stand in line in an airport as ‘Homeland Security’ takes away your seven ounce bottle of mouthwash because only two and half ounces are allowed and listen to the universal chorus of ‘That’s alright!  I’d rather be safe.’  Wiretapping?  They’d rather be safe.  Barry simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  He’s prejudiced.

     And then in an amazing non-sequitur that baffles description he equates gun control to libertine sexual practices as though the two are related.  Well…gun-love gun.  Maybe they are.  That’s a yoke, Son.

     With Liberal obtuseness he accuses Conservatives of advocating governmental control of sexual practices.  The last I heard homosexuality and Liberalism were in bed with each other.  Indistinguishable.  Both are trying to impose homoexuality on five year olds in kindergarten by governmental means.  The last I heard the Supreme Court was interpreting the ‘law’ to mean that homosexuality was to be imposed on society whether we will or not.

     Thus it would seem that in actuality Liberals are trying to use the government to impose their favorite sexual practices on society rather than Conservatives.  As the party of homosexuality Barry and his Democrats are much more responsible for these sins he decries than Conservatives.

     I might suggest Barry go to the doctor and get his head screwed on straight.  If he’s going to just spout he shouldn’t leave himself so open.

     Bright?  A great orator?  He’s the kind only a Liberal could love.


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