Rally Round The Flag Boys


Rally Round The Flag Boys


R.E. Prindle


Yes, we’ll rally round the flag boys,

Rally once again,

Shouting the Battle Cry Of Freedom

We’ll rally from the hillside

We’ll gather from the plains,

Shouting the Battle Cry Of Freedom.

     It’s time for a show of strength and some affirmative action.

     Whether it’s Barry Mugabe Obama or Slithering John Mc Cain neither has any intention of representing the interests of We the People.

     Back in the years of the nineteenth century an American tradition was for dedicated men and women to hold torch light parades while rallying round the flag and shouting The Battle Cry Of Freedom.

     Barry told a crowd expressing their will:  ‘We’ aren’t going to do that.  Well maybe ‘they’ will if the streets are filled with crowds shouting ‘Our Will will not be denied.’

     Flaming torches ar not necessary.  Flashlights will do.  The bigger the better, all pointed straight up.  Mass demonstrations in the cities throughout our land will give ‘them’ the notion WE will not be trifled with. 

The next time Barry says ‘We’ don’t care what you want, ‘we’ are going to do as we please let him know there will be political consequences.


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