The Gold Rush Is Over


The Gold Rush Is Over


R.E. Prindle


Oh, the gold rush is over so honey bye bye.

Stake out your claim on some other guy.

I’ve wined you and dined you till my money’s all gone

Now the gold rush is over and the bum’s rush is on.

– Hank Snow


     I first heard Hank’s song back in 1955 or so.  Even as a kid listening to it I thought the song was somehow prophetic; I just didn’t know how to apply it.  I do now.

     As one looks back through the old century to 1933 one finds the Grand Fool of America- Franklin Delano Roosevelt- looking back at you.  What acces de folie drove that monster is hard to tell; probably some socialistic delusion of grandeur in which he was divinely appointed by God to set the world right.

     It was he perhaps who first thought we could be the policemen of the world holding up our hand before the malefactors of the world with a Stop! In the name of love! on our lips.  What is clear no matter what the history bboks may deny is that he followed a Communist ideology.  In so doing he recklessly and insanely gave away America’s wherewithall in his various lend-lease schemes.  America’s bankruptcy began then as he stripped the mines and wells of America to send the materiel to Stalin and others.

     In the post-war years his fool of a Secretary Of State established the policy of sending our monetary wealth overseas by the billions and hundreds of billions.  The nations of the world stared in wonder as the Great Gold Mountain cheerfully tore itself down and gave itself away.

     Then George C. Marshall handed China over to the Communists. No.  Stop!  Don’t tell me that’s a conservative fable; it’s an actual fact.

     Even more mysteriously, as the billions flowed overseas we opened our borders to the world and said:  Come on in.  We’ve got so much we want you to have a pile too.

     Well, we didn’t have that much after all.  In order to play the fool we borrowed first billions and then trillions sending our borrowed money back overseas.

     Now our ores, our oil, our very soil is depleted and we owe ten trillion soon to be fifteen trillion and the gold rush is over the bum’s rush is on.  We’ve got nothing left to give but our very identity and plans are afloat to take that too.  Our very lives in fact.  Mungo Parke wrote his Travels in West Africa a couple centuries ago that describes our situation exactly.  Read it.

     I would pray for the people and politicians to wake up but I fear it’s too late for that.  I doubt if they’ll even have the sense to repudiate our debt and at least recover some of our expenditure for setting up prosperity in the rest of the world.  I doubt if Washington will even have the sense to organize for self-defense.  I know they won’t.  I’m afraid that will be up to the men in the street.  You and me.  Don’t think there isn’t some tough hand to hand combat in store for us either.  There is.  Gird your loins, my friends, gird your loins.   More Hank Snow:

You shoveled out the sweet talk when the pay dirt was big.

But now all you shovel out is just a dirty dig.

Well stop diggin’ honey ’cause your wastin’ your time;

This old gravy train is at the end of the line.




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