People Get Ready


People Get Ready


R.E. Prindle


     It would seem that the years 1860-65 were merely the first years of the Civil War in the United States.  The covert object of that phase of the war was the physical elimination of the White people of the South in favor of the Black.  This idea was hidden beneath the project of the elimination of Black slavery.  However the Liberal and/or Communist forces were not powerful enough to enforce that goal.  Under the phase of the Civil War known as Reconstruction- what Eric Foner calls America’s unfinished revolution- the White counter revolution was strong enough to defeat the enslavement or extermination of the Southern Whites while imposing their will and civilization on the Blacks.  Thus the Jim Crow era was inaugurated.

     The Civil War during the Jim Crow period was just another phase, a non-shooting one, of the same Civil War.  In the post-WWII period the Civil War entered a new phase that may be characterized by the Brown vs. the Board of Education decision of the US Supreme Court.

     In this phase the Liberal faction had captured the judicial system being able to carry on the war by judicial means.  Law after law was then passed or existing laws were interpreted in such a way that Whites were disenfranchised after the Jim Crow fashion that is to say that Liberals and Blacks placed Whilte under civil disabilities actually no different than what has been done to Whites in Zimbabwe and South Africa today.  Thus it may be said that the Jim Crown era has become the Jack Crow era.

     Liberals in the meantime through their control of the media and educational systems conditioned Whites to believe themselves the sole repository of evil on this planet deserving genocidal treatment.  The Liberal/African/Third World Axis of powers then began the setting up of machinery for this purpose.  The ultimate expression of this policy in the United States is the New Abolitionist Party with their program of the genocide of the White species.  The New Abolitionist Party is made up of Liberals, Africans and Jews.  Barry Dunham Obama is their candidate for President.  See the video of the Rev. James David Manning. 

     One may consider the Liberal/African/Jewish Party’s success in November as a given.  They will pass laws disenfranchising all others.  These will be self-serving laws that lie far outside the rule of law.  They can be disobeyed without violating the rule of law.  They will be unconstitutional regardless of what the Party’s puppets in the judiciary may rule.  The laws will be void and of no effect upon passing.  The rule of law has nothing to do with any laws passed by that Combine.  They are outlaws of civilization and have always been so since 1789.

     Be prepared to both disregard and disobey the laws.

     The America you thought existed has disappeared for ever with even greater changes in store.

     The shooting Civil War has been  resumed.  learn to think in  terms of ‘us and them.’  The idea of a unified America has gone.  Disappeared.  Kaput.  Thus no name they may call you, no disparagement they may offer has any effect.  Laugh them off as coming from lunatics.  Sneer back at them when they call you a bigot or racist.  You are not.  You cannot be.  They are totalitarian creeps.  Null as human beings.  Learn to think that way.  Always stand up for your own.  The country cannot exist have sane and half insane.  Down with the New Abolitionists!


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