Barry Dunham Obama, Unity And Divisiveness.


Barry Dunham Obama, Unity And Divisiveness


R.E. Prindle


     Words.  Words and meanings.  Unity has a nice positive sound while Divisiveness has a mean nasty sound.  But, what if in the way the two words are deployed as implements of war Unity becames mean and nasty and Divisiveness becomes positive?

     How are the two words used in the Red lexicon?

     Historically Unity is used to disarm Red opponents and Divisive is used to condemn them.  Something like calling opponents anti-Semites.

     To use the most famous case- that of the Chinese Nationalists of Chiang Kai Chek and the Communists of Mao Tse Tung, as then known.

     Employing Unity in a positive sense US Reds demanded that the Nationalists take the Communists in to ‘unify’ China.  As everyone knows Communists do not combine with any others than Communists.  Thus once in, the intolerant Communists worked relentlessly to frustrate the goodwill of the Nationalists who then became Divisives and hence evil people.  China went Communist. The Nationalists were killed.  Hence China had unity.

     Leopards do not change their spots nor apparently do Reds change their methods.  Barry’s notions of ‘change’  are merely time worn Communist tactics. 

     Barry says he wants to ‘unify’ the country while he deplores ‘divisive’ people who deplore what he means by the world ‘unity.’  While apparently Red and led around by Reds Barry in this instance has substituted race for politics.  He claims he is going to ‘unify’ Blacks and Whites.

     How can he actually do this?  Only by amalgamating the two races or, actually, species.  Only by raising up the Black Folk en masse by installing them in jobs requiring skill, talent and ability while removing the competent Whites.

     Thus just as in Reconstruction South Carolina a twenty year old illiterate ex-slave was made head of the Greek Department of the University one imagines that a crack dealer from the streets of Chicago wil be made the head of GE.  Don’t laugh, this is already happening in South Africa.

     This feat of legerdemain will be called Unity.  To object will be called Divisive.  What will happen to the Divisives?  The same thing that happened to the Kulaks in Communist Russia.  The same thing that happened to Rightists in China and going back to the beginning in the French Revolution the same thing that happened to the royalists in La Vendee.

     Yes, it can happen here.  It is going to happen here unless you stop it.  If you don’t have what it takes to put an end to these Red lunatics and their fantasies don’t ever say:  No one could possibly have known it would turn out like this.  You do know; I’m telling you now.




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