Mrs. Dilling, Israeli Terrorists and Kevin MacDonald


Mrs. Elizabeth Dilling, Israeli Terrorists and Kevin MacDonald


R.E. Prindle


     Elizabeth Dilling went to Russia in 1931.

     They told her there that the Communist World Revolution would first continue on to China and then The United States.  She returned home to write her monumental The Red Network first published in1934 going through multiple printings and editions even though self-published by Mrs. Dilling.  She followed The Red Network with the incredible The Roosevelt Red Record And Its Background a scant two years after FDR’s election.

     Both exposes were so devastingly accurate that Mrs. Dilling was immediately denounced as a Fascst.  As usual with the proto-Israeli-Communists as Mrs. Diling’s facts could not be refuted the usual slanderous ad hominem attacks were undertaken.  Don’t invite Mrs. Dilling to dinner.  No more party invitations.

     She was grouped with the anti-Communist leaders being brought to trial in 1944 for being so vocal at the instance of the proto-Israelis and the connivance of the Roosevelt Administration.  Fortunately the Americanist forces were strong enough to bury the trial and nothing came of it although these Israel-Communist advocates of ‘Free Speech’  would have sent Mrs. Dilling to prison on the basis of her 1934 expose of their machinations.  The Red Network.

     In 1948 the State of Israel was founded giving the Israelis a secure base of operations.  A reign of terror then began in the United States as Israeli citizens based in the United States either used existing terrorist organizations such as the ADL and AJC or set up new ones such as the SPLC.

     The SPLC- Southern Poverty Law Conference- was given the dirty, less dignified jobs while the ADL and AJC attempted to function among the haut ton.

     It was left to the SPLC to conduct the letter writing and whisper slander campaigns.  As with Mrs. Dilling a current object of attack, Professor Kevin MacDonald of the California State University At Long Beach has been too astute a scholar to be attacked on the results of his research so the campaign of personal vilification has been begun by SPLC denuciations of Prof. MacDonald to faculty and administration while enlisting student agitators in departments like History to object to Professor MacDonald’s presence on campus.

     One can’t expect undergraduates to be very well informed on anything but sex and ‘Diversity’ these days and indeed their open letter denouncing Prof. MacDonald while endorsing ‘free speech’  had nothing to say of substance.

     The long Israeli-Amnerican war dating bact to at least Mrs. Dilling in 1931 goes on.  As the Soviets prophesied to Mrs. Dilling China was next.  The battle is raging in the United States  with battle lines clearly drawn.  It is to be hoped that the CSULB and the California State University system will recognize this skirmish for what it is and send the Israeli terrorists of the SPLC packing.

     The History Club is correct, Free Speech is the issue.  Not their version of free speech but Free Speech.


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