The Frankfurt School, Kevin MacDonald And The SPLC


The Frankfurt School, Kevin MacDonald And The SPLC


R.E. Prindle


      It would appear that we are in the midst of one of those cross-cultural conflicts in this Multi-Cultural Wonderland of ours.  There is a Professor in the Psychology Department of California State University At Long Beach by the name of Kevin MacDonald.  Professor MacDonald wrote a book titled The Culture Of Critique in which he discussed the Frankfurt School also known in the US as The New School For Social Research.

     The Frankfurt School has a long history in the various University systems of California.  As the name Frankfurt indicates the School is of European origin.  Fleeing Hitler in the thirties the members settled in the United States.  Most of them returned to Europe after the war but one who was influential in the US, Herbert Marcuse, elected to stay behind taking a position with the University Of California, San Diego.  From there he developed a sort of cult in the California University systems.  Prominent among the cult members are Theodore Roscak, author of The Making Of A Counter Culture and Greil Marcus, author of Lipstick Traces.

     Roscak wrote his book while employed as a Prof. at Cal State College At Hayward, since renamed Cal State University, East Bay.  Marcus is associated in some way with UC Berkeley while trotting around the country as a representative of Critical Theory and the Situationist International.

     While the Frankfurt School has been happy to use the California University systems to propagate their vision of the ‘Critical Theory’ of the Frankfurt School they now wish to deny Prof. MacDonald the use of his critical faculties because his researches into Critical Theory differ from theirs.  They have characterized his researches as ‘anti-Semitic’ in violation of live and let live Multi-Cultural rules.  They have called in the Southern Poverty Legal Center to denounce Prof. MacDonald as a threat to society and call for the dismissal of this tenured Professor from his Professorship.  Oh, they are all for academic freedom, don’t get them wrong, but sometimes too much freedom can be dangerous.  Rather than let the truth set them free they seem to prefer to wallow in ignorance.

     As you may know the SPLC is a terrorist organization founded by a failed lawyer, Morris Dees.  While a failure as a lawyer Mr. Dees has become a roaring success as a fund raiser currently boasting of an SPLC bank account approaching two hundred million dollars on its way, one supposes, to a billion or more.  At a billion the fund becomes self-perpetuating for ever.

     Mr. Dees husbands the SPLC money carefully taking on no expensive cases.  He prefers slanderous letter writing campaigns on the cheap such as that against Prof. MacDonald.

     Mr. Dees has apparently set himself up as judge of what is acceptable scholarship and what is not.  As he is a failed lawyer I see no evidence of his having obtained success as a scholar.  He should probably confine his efforts to fund raising at which he’s really good.

     The issue of Critical Theory/Frankfurt School/New School For Social Research is best left to those competent to deal with it such as Mr. Marcus, Mr. Roscak, Mr. MacDonald and, if I may immodestly add, myself.

     One would hope that Professor MacDonald’s Psychology Department, his University and his University system would disdain the interference of this ignorant money grubbing failed lawyer, Morris Dees, and his silly Southern Poverty Legal Center.  One would hope Mr. Dees would strive for some self-respect and failing that leave intellectual matters to those with intellects.


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