Capitalism, Communism And The International Money Trust

 Capitalism, Communism And The International Money Trust


R.E. Prindle


     …the United States, reenforced by the increased political power of the South based on disfranchisement of black voters, took its place to reenforce the capitaliatic dictatorship of the United States, which became the most powerful in the world, and which backed the new industrial imperialism and degraded colored labor the world over.

     This meant a tremendous change in the whole intellectual and spiritual development of civilization in the South and in the United States because of the predominant political power of the South, built on disfranchised labor.  The United States was turned into a reactionary force.  It became the cornerstone of that new imperialism which is subjecting the labor or yellow, brown and black peoples to the dictation of capitalism organized on a world basis; and it has not only brought nearer the revolution by which the power of capitalism is to be challenged, but also it is transforming the fight to the sinister aspect of a fight on racial lines embittered by awful memories.

W.E.B Du Bois:  Black Reconstruction In America 1860-1880.  Free Press paperback edition, pp. 630-31


     Du Bois gives a nice little analysis there that he was probably only allowed to publish because he was Black.  His race and political background distorts his vision somewhat preventing  him from going far enough while at the same time hinting at current developments.

     While Capitalism and Communism may be antagonistic economic and political systems they are merely pawns on the board of the International Money Trust.  The Money Trust arose out of the ashes of the Civil War when truly international operations began to become possible.

     As noted before the international economic system of the Cotton Empire was dependent on slave labor in the South.  Slave labor is the cheapest form of labor possible, bar none.  According to the Iron Law Of Wages slaves can be compelled to accept the lowest possible wage, which is mere subsistence.  In order to replace this cheap labor as Du Bois notes:  (The IMT) ‘…is the cornerstone of that new imperialism which is subjecting the labor of yellow, brown and black peoples to the dictation of (the IMT) organized on a world basis.’

     Yes, that is the current situation although Du Bois can’t see that the IMT is colorblind.  It is now reducing the White world to the same level as the yellow, brown and black.

     The only thing in the world important to the IMT is money.  All power comes from the monetary printing presses.  Thus the IMT rises above and governs the more parochial systems of Capitalism and Communism.  Whether one or another all political and economic systems require a medium of exchange- by any other name, money.  Who controls money controls the world.  Thus the IMT always had an entree to and a foot in the door of any system that could be devised.  The IMT was always involved with both Capitalism and Communism.  Thus when that fool Nixon freed China from sanctions the IMT moved right in and turned Communist China with its conditioned slave base into a money making behemoth.  Communism or Capitalism makes no difference to the Money Trust.  They now rule both systems.

     Nevertheless, as Du Bois points out, as the original Money Trust was White, White people were blamed, the United States especially, for the then exploitation  of yellow, black and brown labor.  That Whites were also being exploited as brutally, witness Holly Grove, or more brutally, witness the Ludlow Massacre, than coloreds is either unnoticed by Du Bois or irrelevant to him, he not being color blind.  As he notes the Money Trust was ‘transforming the fight to the sinister aspect of a fight on racial lines embittered by awful memories.’

      That harvest is now coming due.  Du Bois is not ineterested in all the ramifications of the struggle of species for survival in an overcrowded world but I find his analysis as far as he goes, very good.

     The issue then is to identify the members of the IMT, whether Bilderbergers or whatever, and hold them individually accountable.  They first looted the US Savings and Loan industry and they are now taking the actual houses out from under the very depositors in the Savings and Loans.  This is going too far.  This is short sighted and stupid.  But, if is my belief that they want a corner on all the money in the world.  Financial institutions were set up for the fall so that now dozens world wide are being consolidated into fewer units.

     We were once advised to follow the money.  OK, so where’s the money?


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