Reply To Richard

Reply To Richard


R.E. Prindle


     I received the following email on April Fool’s Day from Richard In Virginia.  I don’t know whether I am being baited or Richard is sincere but as I consider the question legitimate I will answer accordingly.

     I have read your articles about Obama becoming President.  Yes I think white males could be selected for extermination.  I dopn’t think it is far fetched considering the anti-white attitude so prevalent today.

     My question is when will the round-ups begin?  Will this be done discretely or openly?  What is your opinion.

Richard In Virginia.


My reply:


              Of course I have no inside knowledge.  One either takes surface indications seriously or one doesn’t.

      Both the Black Kamau Kambon and the Jew Noel Ignatiev proclaim that the intent is either to kill White males or abolish Whiteness from the face of the earth by any means necessary.  Why proclaim it if you don’t mean it?

      Obama is obviously a front man.

     As to what might happen one can only follow historical examples.  The history of the Revolutionary movement since 1789, 1830, 1848, 1871 and 1917 give one instruction on the methods of the Revolutionaries.  They will undoubtedly follow the same methods in 2009.

     From the Black side one only has to look at the revolt in Haiti in the early nineteenth century plus Zimbabwe and South Africa and any number of African States since 1960.  Because Africans have been in the United States for three hundred years or so doesn’t mean they have lost their ancestral methods.  What is happening in Zimbabwe and South Africa will happen here in whatever form it takes.   One can follow historical models for the Jewish methods.

     The difficulty is managing two hundred million White Americans.  Subtract perhaps 60 million Liberals who will follow the Black and Jewish program and have only 140 million left of whom at least 100 million are passive.

     In the wild enthusiasm of a first 100 days any number of laws can be passed along Liberal lines- anti-internet, anti-free speech, anti-guns, anti- ‘hate’ laws etch. that if unresisted will render opposition ineffective or non-existent.

     ‘Divisive’ people, ‘haters’, ‘anti-Semites’ etc. can then be isolated discredited and arrested without opposition.  It will be the law.  I don’t believe these people can restrain themselves so, just guessing, I would imagine that within six months of the inauguration, which I take as an accomplished fact, the country will either erupt in flames or the most incredible genocide ever dreamed of will be in progress.

      The evidence appears to be undeniable that the time has come today.  Of course, I could be wrong.  If so, then why won’t Obama deal with substantive issues rather than appealing to people’s economic delusions.

      30 billion dollars indeed! There is no economy on shore.  What’s to jumpstart?

     Anyway, if you’re serious there’s a possible scenario.  If you’re trying to bait me there it is anyway.  These are pretty serious times.  Be alert whoever you are and what your politics.






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