Barry Dunham-Obama- The Black Moses

Barry Dunham Obama-

The Black Moses


R.E. Prindle


     There is much speculation on where Barry stands on the subject of Reconstruction or Reparations.  As Barry refused to bare his little bit o’ soul on the subject one is forced to interpret his intentions from his writings.

     In Dreams From My Father Barry says that he rejected the means to make his individual fortune in NYC.  He leads us to believe he would be worth millions or even tens of millions if he had leaped at the opportunity plus he tells us White women were forcing themselves on him.

     Barry’s other choice was to take a non-paying job in Chicago as a community organizer and seek a Black wife.  He tells us he thinks individual enterprise is a betrayal of the Black Community.  For him it is raise the entire Black community as a unit, all Black people, or nothing.

     This is analogous to Moses organizing the Israelites into one unit then, although he himself wouldn’t enter, sending the Israelites into the Promised Land which they seized either dispossessing or exterminating the former inhabitants.

     In Dreams Barry advises us that his individual success was meaningless to him; he wanted a ‘redistribution of power.’  He doesn’t say ‘sharing’ he says redistribution.

     It is my feeling that he will be installed in the Presidency by his Liberal handlers by hook or by crook.  When that happens I fear that the ‘redistribution of power’ will greatly resemble the entry of the Israelites into the land of Canaan.



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