Come The Revolution

Come The Revolution


R.E. Prindle


     It is said that those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.  Well, we didn’t learn from the past and we are repeating it.

     Let us revisit an early past episode.  This is from the ancient Greek experience.  What is sometimes called ‘mythology.’  First comes the invasion.

     Back about, oh say, -1500 perhaps a century or two earlier but no more there was a Semitic king  in Palestine by the name of Agenor.  In an attempt to conquer what to him were alien Aryans, or Indo-Europeans if you’re sensitive to the honorable term Aryan, he sent out several war bands that mythology denotes as ‘sons.’

     One of these was a band named Cadmus.  Perhaps the leader was actually named Cadmus.  The Cadmeians landed on the Boeotian shore of what is now Greece.  The land was of course occupied by various tribes.  Cadmus and his Semites being inferior in numbers were not powerful enough to assault them directly so they resorted to a strategem.  They sowed discord between the tribes, got them to kill each other off, then either subdued the remnants  or posing as impartial arbiters brought the fighting to an end with themselves as rulers.  But the Semites were still strangers in a strange land.  In other words there was a clash of species or races.  Thus the invasion was completed.  From this the saying Sow The Dragon’s Teeth, Reap The Whirlwind arose.  Every action has its reaction.  The revolution became inevitable.

     Mythologically the story is told that Cadmus threw stones over his shoulder and each stone rose as an armed man.  The men then fought against each other with Cadmus and his Semites emerging as the arbiters of fates.

     The propaganda then became that a period of Concord followed when Cadmus made Harmonia his bride and the lion and leopard were yoked together to pull the car of State.  Much as the myth of diversity today which comes from the same source.

     Needless to say came the revolution or in scientific terms, the reaction.

     The Aryans of Argos organized and assaulted the Cadmeian capitol of Thebes.  The first assault failed.  Then began the assault commemorated by Statius in the story of the Seven Against Thebes.  The second Argive generation drove the Semites out. 

     The Greeks then turned their sights on Troy as told by Homer in the Iliad. A temporary Aryan supremacy ensued.

     In our multi-cultural invasion of today the Semitic and African invasions are coming to a head today.  In what may be the culminating act of Civil War Reconstruction the New Abolitionists mean to impose a Black dominance over the Whites as a prelude to genocide.

     Thus the inevitable reaction or Revolution by the Whites will begin.  The Semito-African combine will not be allowed to impose itself on the Aryan lands anymore now than Cadmus and his Semites were allowed to do in ancient Greece.

     The war between the Semites and the Aryans continues as it will continue until one side exterminates the other, hence the Nazi war on the Semites and the New Abolitionist war on the Whites today.  If you object to my analysis then you object to historical realities and do so at your own peril.  The intent of the Semito-Africans is clear and stated.  Stiffen your back or go under whichever side you are on.


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