Barry Dunham-Obama And His So-Called Race Speech

Barry Dunham-Obama And His So-Called Race Speech


R.E. Prindle


     After stating that he believed that race was the most pressing problem facing America Barry had nothing of substance to say about this most pressing of problems.  Campaigning on the slogan of Change- change we can believe in he gave us no idea of what sort of racial changes he intends to effect.

      Obviously change in the Black community means only a change in the relative positions of Black and White with Blacks coming out on top.

     Apparently he thinks he can skate and slip and slide around the issue without telling us his plans, what Change actually means.  We urge you Barry to tell it like it is.  You gotta get down to get up, Barry.  Slip your boogie to us.

     So far the electorate is so enamored of Barry’s platitudes and generalizations about his po’ ol’ White grandmammy whose expressions of fear when being approached by Black men is equated to screaming God Damn America from a church pulpit- a church pulpit mind you- that the sweet things faint in the aisles.   Stand with clasped hands as though in prayer.  Life is tough but not as tough as it’s going to get under Barry.

     I suppose if he can get that response he doesn’t have to level with us and probably won’t.  It may only be necessary for him to shout ‘Hey, hallalujah, boogie, man, boogie’ and boogaloo right in.

     We know Barry does have a long grocery list of racial grievances from his speech and speeches.  Enough waffling Barry.  Time to get straight.  Time to tell it like it is.  The truth, Barry, the truth.



2 comments on “Barry Dunham-Obama And His So-Called Race Speech

  1. I truly do NOT believe that Obama wishes to change the status quo to blacks on top. But if he did which is your contention then exactly what would be the problem with that? Since whites have been on top since we have been in contact with you I am just curious as to what would be so bad about it? Are you afraid that blacks would begin to treat whites the way they have treated blacks for years or what? I just don’t understand what you concern “really” is, maybe you could explain the fear of blacks on top.


  2. My concern in really that, Sentinel. I’m sure that your heart is good and pure but the hearts of the people behind the New Abolitionist Party aren’t.

    I do find your protestations of innocence disingenuous at best. You have only to look at Zimbabwe and South Africa to understand what the intent is and what will happen.

    You believe that the only reason Whites have ‘been on top’ is because of ‘White Skin Privilege.’ This is wrong. James Watson was fired for telling the truth. The truth is difficult to take but Whites have been on ‘top’ from merit. You wish now to ‘change’ from merit to Black Skin Privilege. That is what Affirmative Action is.

    It is all biology and evolution. Dearest One. Science and not emotion. This is sad but true.

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