Barry Dunham-Obama And The Meaning Of Words

Barry Dunham Obama And The Meaning Of Words


R.E. Prindle


     Pastor Wright of Barry’s Trinity Church has come under criticism for an egregious comment, or possibly, two.  But, who cares.  What is of more importance is the peculiar twist Pastor Wright has given the Bible and the charged import of the words he uses.  While the words are identical to the words White People use yet Pastor Wright gives the same spin to them as he does when he says that Jesus was a Negro and that God is as oppressed as the Black People.  God can be oppressed?

     I am somewhat new to Black Liberation Theology and must confess that I had never heard of Pastor Wright’s inspiration, James Cone, until now.  Cone is the inventor of Black Liberation Theology and the rock of Pastor Wright’s church.  Barry sat at Pastor Wright’s feet in the an attempt to become mega-Black and his speaking clearly reflects Black Liberation Theology so Barry didn’t sit at the Pastor’s feet for naught.

     Barry has learned to convert Liberationese into English so he can talk to us and be understood on the English level but perhaps not on the level of Liberationese.

     The more one studies Barry’s recent ‘Race Speech’ the more laughable it becomes and horrifying too.

     Barry says: (my italics throughout)


     Of course, the answer to the slavery question was already embedded in our Constitution- a Constitution that had as its core the ideal of equal citizenship under the law; a Constitution that promised its people liberty, and justice, and a union that could be and should be perfected over time.


     Well, gosh, I’m certainly not the Consitutional scholar that Barry is so I don’t feel qualified to question his interpretation but I would like to examine the language in both English and Liberationese.

     Let us not forget that Barry is a ‘Liberation’ Communist also, seemingly allied with the New Abolitionist movement- that is to say abolition of White people.  There might be a certain spin there.

     Now, Barry says that the Constitution promised its people a union that could and should be perfected in time.  I’m not sure what that means in English but in Liberationese I think, (and I’m not going boldly where man has never gone before, I’m holding back) I think, I say, that Barry means a union of Black and White people.  As I pointed out in another post Barry uses a lot of sexual imagery in his speech.  The mention of ‘union’ which I interpret as sexual congress comes right after he says ‘the slavery question was already embedded in our constitution.  No, that’s not far-fetched.  Barry is now speaking in three tongues, English, Liberationese and Freudianese.

     So now at the Constitution’s very core ‘the ideal of equal citizenship under the law.’  Ah, ah.  A moment sir.  Now, it’s getting difficult.  Equal citizenship?  What is that?  And ‘under the law.’  Barry seems to be putting himself forward as an advocate not only of equality but equal citizenship.  This is open to interpretation.  Where then does Barry stand on the question of Affirmative Action and Reconstruction.  How do they stand to what Whites mean by equality?   As I would understand ‘equal citizenship’ it would mean that merit determined equality.  Thus one who got a score of, say, 77, for instance would received the benefit of a B grade rather than one who a score of, say, 64 and got a C.  But I don’t think Barry means that.  I think Barry means that both the 77 and the 64 should be considered ‘equal’ thus abolishing merit for ‘equality.’  To attain this ‘equal citizenship’ then the Black person should be given a fifteen point or so handicap to attain ‘equal citizenship.’  And this is ‘under the law’ so that Barry wants to legally institutionalize Affirmative Action to Reconstruct society to bring it in line with his interpretation of the Constitution.

      Another interpretation might combine the Communist goals with Liberationese to say that if a handicap is necessary to equalize citizenship then the right solution would be to eliminate ‘Whiteness’  to produce true equality.  Ah, ah.  Indeed, the New Abolitionist Party was formed at Harvard while Barry was a law student there in 1990 or so, so the program is already set up with its support structures.

     So, as President, Barry could pass a ‘law’ outlawing race.  Which is to say that only Black and White unions would be allowed.  Thus Whiteness would essentially disappear within a generation.  Then in fact the union  would be perfected and we would have ‘equal citizenship under the law.’  All citizens would be Black or at least, as Black as Barry.  Is that Black enough for you?

     As Barry says:  This was one of the tasks we set forth at the beginning of this campaign- to continue the long march… for a more just, more equal, more free, more caring and more prosperous America.

     The Long March refers to the Chinese Communists under Mao while it is impossible for Blacks to feel ‘free’ in a White America.

     Always remember we’re speaking in tongues with Barry. At least, English, Liberationese and the Communist dialect.


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