Barry Dunham-Obama And The Revolution

Barry Dunham-Obama And The Revolution


R.E. Prindle

     The Fifth reenactment of the Revolution is on us.  The first, the French, and the fourth, the Russian, were wildly successful.  The second and third, 1830 and 1848, less so.

     Whether the fifth succeeds or not depends on us.  Now, one of the characteristics of the Revolution is genocide.  The Revolution like all religious movements cannot tolerate dissent.  Anyone who disagrees with them must be killed, either shot as in the French Revolution and either shot or worked to death in the Gulags as in the Russian.

     Alexandre Dumas writes brilliantly on the subject in Ange Pitou,  or its alternate title, The Taking Of The Bastille.  In this excerpt the Revolutionist, Gilbert, is explaining things to a couple rustics:

     Oh, how easy is it, Billot, when a man called LaFayette, and is accustomed to wield a sword, whan a man called Washington, and is accustomed to reflect deeply,- how easy it is to combat against walls of wood, of earth, of stone, of human flesh!  But when, instead of founding it is necessary to destroy; when we see an old order of things that we are obliged to attack walls of bygone, crumbling ideas, and behind the ruins even of these walls, the crowds of people and of interests still take refuge; where, after having found the idea, we find that in order to make the people adopt it, it will be necessary, perhaps, to decimate that people, from the old who remember, down to the child who has still to learn, from the recollection which is the monument, down to the instinct which is the germ of it, then, oh then, Billot is a task which will make all those shudder who can see beyond the horizon.  I am far sighted, Billot, and I shudder.

      Barry Dunham-Obama is the President Designate of the Communist Revolution.  What was done in 1789 and 1917 will be repeated in 2009.

     The complete and total arrogance of the Liberal mind is stunning.  They can admit of no doubt. As you can see from experience and the analysis of Dumas they will stop at nothing to eliminate dissent to their program.  Not only are they willing to murder young and old but they will destroy the monuments, the very histories, the memories of what was before.  They are insensate.

     We have been forewarned.  The Communist-Dunham program is identical to the Radical Republican Reconstruction of the South following the Civil War.  The difference this time that the men must either marry Black or be killed.  The women are to be given to the Blacks as sex toys.

     What was it Omar Khayam said:  AWAKE!


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