#2 Visions Of Obama’s Dreams From My Father

Visions Of Obama’s Dreams From My Father

No. 2


R.E. Prindle


     I gather from conversations and whatnot that most people think that Dunham is ‘safe’ because he’s some sort of Oreo:  Black and crusty on the outside while White and squishy on the inside.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  He’s brown and toasty on the outside and an eight rock on the inside.  He could be nicknamed ‘Old Blue.’

     In his fictionalized memoir, Dreams, he say that in New York he had the choice to be individually financially wealthy while getting all the White nooky he could possibly want.  Instead he chose to become an impoverished organizer in Chicago; the Blacks of which city are the toughest, hardest, and most hateful in America.  In addition he chose a Black Chicago wife who is as hateful toward Whites as they come.  According to him he could have had the most beautiful of White models for a wife but he chose this blue minded wife.

     Dunham rejects the concept of democratic individual success for a collective advancement of his whole species.  He calls not for personal opportunity but a complete redistribution of ‘power’ based on race rather than merit.

     He says in so many words in Dreams that it is his intent to place Blacks in positions of ‘power’ solely on the basis of race that have been attained by Whites on the basis of merit.  In other words a new ‘spoils’ system.

     He apparently sees America as something that pre-existed and which was claimed by White Skin Privilege and unfairly denied Blacks.  He doesn’t explain who granted this privilege or why.  Bear in mind that none of Dunham’s ancestors, Black or White, ‘was’ slaves to White people.  Slavery has nothing to do with his personal background.

     To speak of privilege is to deny merit.  America as it stands today  is the result of White effort not privilege.  One can only compare America to Africa to see the different results of White and Black efforts.  Dunham does not understand this.  Nor can he learn a lesson from today’s Detroit which is a Black creation.  Detroit can only be compared to Mugabe’s Zimbabwe to show what Blacks in power will do.

     The result of Dunham/Obama’s presidency will be to turn the United States as a whole into Detroit and a country of racial conflict in which Blacks acting on the example of Mugabe’s Shona tribe attempt the physical destruction and subjugation  of Whites, Mexicans and others.

     If you read Dunham/Obama’s Dreams carefully he tells you exactly what his intent is.  You don’t have to guess what ‘change’ means.  I urge you to read without your usual White prejudicial blinkers and read exactly what he says.  I mean, this guy hates his White mother.  We are headed for race warfare.  I probably won’t live to see it so it means nothing to me but I advise you to beware.


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