Never Try The Same Joke Three Times Running

Never Try The Same Joke

Three Times Running


R.E. Prindle


     It is an axiom to never ever try the same joke three times in succession.  It will probably work the first time, may work the second time but will almost certainly fail the third time.  People begin to look for it.

     Thus while the assault on Europeans the first time of the French Revolution was a roaring success, and the second assault on Europeans of the Russian Revolution was somewhat successful while nearly disastrous for the perpetrators in the sequel, the third attempt of our own time by which time we ought to have learned the joke should fail unless we are greater fools than we should be.

     That another assault on Euroamericans is projected has been all but adertised in the main stream media.  While the first attempt was made against the thrones of Europe, the second attempt was made against the people of Europe and the third attempt is projected against all the White people of the world.  Nothing less than the genocide of the White species is projected.

     While the first two efforts at humor were attempted by the Jews as two battles in the ages long war between the Semites and Indo-Europeans the third encounter as projected by the antagonists will be a collaboration between Jews and Africans against Euroamericans aided by the Semitic Moslems albeit unwittingly and White Liberals wittingly.

     It therefore behooves us to defeat this combination beginning now.  The first thing to do is to disable the propaganda machine, that is, movies, TV and newspapers.  This is a rather simple thing to do if we have the will.  The propaganda machine runs on money; depriving it of money will either cause it to bankrupt or quickly change direction to the way we want it to go.

     All it takes is a 10 to 20% decrease in sales, nothing has to be total.  As viewer and readership declines so will advertising revenues.

      The movies, or Hollywood, can be hit hardest and most rapidly.  Just stop going to the movies.  Now.  Today.  The movies are already declining because people don’t want to see the same old propaganda.  Anyone who would pay to see themselves mocked isn’t seeing straight anyway.

     A ten to fifteen percent decline in attendance would bankrupt the producers and close many theatres. 

     The same with the four major networks.  Ten or fifteen percent more off the top would make them unviable.  They would have to pay less for shows while reducing their expenses everywhere.

     If you subscribe to a newspaper, stop.  A ten to twenty percent decline in sales would render the papers unviable. 

      With the propaganda machine silenced, propaganda would be placed street level where broadsides and the internet would become more effective.

      All this would take is a little willpower.  Hollywood can be destroyed overnight.  While the major networks are being attacked there are still a hundred cable stations to watch if you must watch TV.  Just try to avoid Viacom.

     The third assault is being waged now.  Dunham/Obama is the point man for the Third Revolution.  First bring down the propaganda machine and we’ll go from there.

       Destroy the Third Revolution and let our Revolution begin.


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