Robert Mugabe And Barack Obama

Robert Mugabe And Barack Obama


R.E. Prindle

     Back in the sixties and seventies of the last century South Africa from the Rhodesias to Capetown was governed by White administrations.  The White Africans had built prosperous well administered countries.  This was done not with the help of the Black Africans but in spite of them.  The Whites obviously were a small proportion of the population.

     In the Black African revolts of the fifties and sixties pressure from Europe, England and the United States was placed on the White governments of Southern Africa to relinquish governmental authority in favor of Black Africans.  The advocates of the changeover were advised that Black Africans were incapable of sustaining social or economic conditions and that the countries would suffer bloodbaths and disintegration.  White Liberals against all the evidence pooh poohed this wisdom.

     Rather than providing emigration proceedings to remove the Whites from the untenable situation of relying on Black justice rather than Black vengeance the White governments of Euroamerica condemned the Whites to genocide.

     Robert Mugabe of the Shona tribe assumed authority.  In possession of the armed might of Zimbabwe the Shona immediately attacked the Matabele tribe for disagreements dating back one hundred and fifty years or so carrying on a war of extermination against the unarmed Matabele on the one hand and the Whites on the other.

For details see:

     In his zeal for vengeance Mugabe and his Shona have trashed the country of Zimbabwe.  Once an exporter of grain Mugabe is now in the position of demanding Whites to give him food.

     The same story is taking place in South Africa where the Whites are all but enslaved.

     Mugabe was at one the the darling of White Liberals who are incapable of evaluating the real intentions of the criminals they support.

     Now, in the US we have Barack Obama putting forth the same rhetoric Mugabe did.  It is time for a ‘change.’  ‘No more racism.’  Well, Mugabe solved the ‘racism’ problem in Zimbabwe probably the same way Obama will in the United States.

     Remember this guy is going to be the Commander In Chief of what is still the most powerful military force in the world.  Whatever he orders the Armed Forces must do or else mutiny.  One prays for mutiny.

     The Blacks of American have been in rebellion since 1954.  The battles or ‘riots’ of ’65 and ’67-’69 are merely skirmishes in the war.  The cries of ‘The Payback’ and ‘reparations’ echo in our ears.  The slavery that galls the Blacks so occurred at the most recent date only one hundred fifty years ago.  Reparations, however, are not going to solve the problem.  Only blood will do that. 

     Psychology and history are clear on that.  Just as the Shona turned savagely on the Matabele and Whites, US Blacks once with the means in their hands must deal the same way with US Whites.  You are a fool to think otherwise.  This is the double meaning behind Obama’s call for ‘change’ and ‘no more racism.’

      If elected as I am sure he will be I’m afraid America will resemble Iraq within no more than eighteen months.  The wise will of course understand and begin taking precautions now, perhaps the waverers can be made wise.  Liberals are born fools, waste no time on them.  They are as much or more the enemy.

     Learn from Mugabe and Zimbabwe and apply the lesson to Obama and the United States.  The Black psychology is the same in both places.

     Think about it, then think twice.


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    • I am a black man of Zimabwean descent and respect all men and women ,(regardless of their race) who try to champion the equality of all races . The treatment I get from a few white people though has reduced me to a level where I tkink ,’ if you do not spit into my face , then I you a friend ‘. My point here is that I quite accept Pringle’s views as representative of the typical white person’s .I know I am wrong , but this is the way most blacks feel and it only breeds hate and makes racial intergration more and more of a pipe dream

      • For some reason Taona’s comment was placed at the head of the comments when it should be at the bottom. My reply to Taona is at the bottom of comments as of 9/15/09. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  1. R.E. Prindle…or whatever your name is, after reading your article..Robert Mugabe and Barack Obama, I was tempted to ignore your parochial and unimformed thought process, but I have decided to respond against my better judgement by simply saying…you are simply idiotic and laughable. It is very unfortunate that we still have people like you existing and enjoying the freedom and privileges that this great country affords us. May you eat your hat afterall. al

  2. No. No. Al. R.E. Prindle is my name.

    Thanks for responding. Your honest opinion is always appreciated. As far as enjoying the freedom and privileges this great country affords us let me point out athat the post you refer to was censored before my eyes as I sat as the keyboard.

    Yes, indeed. Big Brother was watching.

    You cannot deny the activities of Robert Mugabe and the deplorable state of affairs in Zimbabwe. I hope you can’t, won’t. Will such a thing happen in the US? Have you looked at Detroit lately, Al? A group psychology is common to the whole group. I fear it may happen here. Inevitably it will. Should my fears be unfounded I would be happy to eat my hat. I wouldn’t mind being wrong on this issue, Al.

    The Knoxville Horror and the frequently occurring bus beatings convince me I won’t eat my hat but I really would rather.

    Thanks for reading, Al. Oh, and next time leave your last name and a picture wouldn’t hurt either. You’ll notice I’ve done both.


    R.E. Prindle

  3. This is my opinion, but I think that the only candidate that is worthy of protecting the United States from scrutiny, is John McCain. I have a huge sense of respect for that man. After all, he is a war veteran, and I come from a long line of men and women who have fought and brutally died for the rights I have and hold dearly!!! I think what you are saying Mr. Prindle is very true, and very scary in deed!! Why would anyone who does in fact value their freedom, want a man to run our country who has been brought to light as having ties to the monsters who attempted to bomb the World Trade Center in 1993, and eventually succeeded in 2001???? Do you really value your freedom AL?? I can do only one thing, and that is to pray for truth. When two or more people are in agreement, God works overtime! Mr. Prindle, thank you for your wise words, and just know that you have my support, and know that there are going to be haters, but in time that’s what makes your point so valid!!! Shawnee, Boise, Idaho

  4. I read it some time ago. As
    I’ve pointed out in another blurb words have different meanings for Liberals than they do for normal people. I interpret Obama’s Mugabe speech differently than you do. I hope your mind isn’t so closed that you can’t allow differences of opinion.

    Thank you for your sincere and honest criticism however you may have to get used to hearing expressions of a differing opinions. The times they are a changin’.

    I presume your last sentence is a threat of some kind. I’m too old to worry about it.

    Once again, thanks for commenting. The party’s over.

  5. So Barack Obama and Robert Mugabe are both black, so you assume they think alike. Dr. James Dobson and Hugh Hefner are both white, what does that prove?

    John McCain feeds off the apocalyptic, militaristic evangelical fundamentalism of John Hagee and his ilk.
    Obama and Mugabe: not even the same race (Obama is biracial).
    John McCain and David Koresh: same race, same nationality,and links to Christian fundamentalism.
    Which is the closer match?
    What is the greater risk: McCain going to war with Iran, Syria, North Korea and maybe even Russia, vs. Obama being too dark for your liking?

  6. I will not vote for Obama because he is too inexperienced and too liberal. However, if he is elected, I believe that the country will still survive.

  7. You mean our Saviour, Robarack Obamugabe? We photoshopped an Obama campaign poster with Mugabe’s face. Rhodesia certainly got “change”.
    “Robarack Obamugabe 2008,change you can believe in”

  8. I think God is wiser than all, whether Mugabe or Obama were not there certain things had to happen. Remember that long before we came there is a lot of racial abuse that took place in favor of whites and against the blacks that everyone knows but nothing has been done as yet to resolve this issue; no one can get away like that. I remember simple statements of Malcolm X but very powerful, “We declare our right on this earth to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary”.

    It’s called a divine evolutional change something that was meant to be. I am 100% sure that something along the lines of the statements of the analyst as above will have to happen soon or later whether we like it or not, one day there will be a change in America I hope it will happen in a better way than is in Zimbabwe otherwise it will be a mess on the face of the planet we don’t want another World war and please don’t judge me wrongly I also don’t like Mugabe’s methods. God bless America, by David

  9. David: Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I hope I would never judge you wrongly, I understand that one has to call it as one sees it. The fact is that the world’s problems, especially this one can no longer be resolved by men of good will. We are at end game.

    You are certainly correct in saying that Mugabe and Obama are not causes but results. However that doesn’t change anything.

    Whether one likes Mugabe’s methods or not they are the correct method. There is no room on earth for two irreconcilable enemies, one or the other must be exterminated. Thus in the nineteenth century the Matabele were in the process of exterminating Mugabe’s Shona which they would have done except for ignorant White interference. The Whites should have allowed the Matabele to exterminate the Shona and then in their turn exterminate the Matabele. As I say Mugabe’s methods are correct. Once the action is begun it must be completed. See my blurb hereon this site: From The Halls Of Montezuma.

    Because the Matabele were stopped and the issue put into abeyance for a hundred fifty years the Shona were given a breather for the that period. When the White Liberals of the West tied Ian Smith’s hands Mugabe was there to seize the reins of power. He and his Shona were unforgiving, not surprisingly, so they have set out to exterminate both Whites and Matabele. They had better complete the action or round three will begin which may reverse results.

    The folly of the Whites in America was that they not only foolishly maintained slavery, an untenable institution under any circumstances, but persuaded themselves that the slaves loved not only them but their condition. I believe you are African so you know how grievous the insult of slavery is. As you know it can only be expiated by blood as in the San Domingo Moment of Haiti.

    I am White and I realize your truth however I cannot stand by and watch Whites be exterminated so the result of the end game here in America is either that Whites exterminate Africans or African exterminate Whites. There can be no middle course.

    Malcolm X was certainly right from his African point of view. However and this is regrettable, Africans in the course of unavoidable evolution came first and hence are less highly evolved. From a religious point of view this is what God in ‘his wisdom’ did.

    God neither blesses nor withholds his blessings. There is no reason to expect divine interference. All I can say is God forgive us all and let the chips fall where the may.

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunnition. God bless you, David, but disaster is staring us in the face no matter what happens.

  10. THallo prindle thanks for your conclusion,I have been thinking for many years what would be the future of Africa? For the past ten year I have been based here in Europe and I am convinced that the European economical situation is good. I am so surprised that even the people are so European minded compared to African. The first thing that I noticed as I entered Europe is that all people can afford basic things good home, clothes, transport, medicines, food etc, but back in Africa its not like that. But that does not mean African does not deserve it?

    My question is what would have caused the systems to be like that for Europe and Africa in the beginning?
    I am also sensing that things in Africa are way behind and unsolved because the gape between the rich and the poor is getting bigger and bigger and I think this is a timing bomb? Look at South Africa, Nigeria or Congo there are very poor and very rich living in the same place. In Europe there is not much difference. How can such a situation in Africa be dealt with? Will it be possible for African countries to become United and how?
    There is also one big issue that I do not understand about African leaders, regarding the Zimbabwe situation. They are not doing anything to better the situation in Zimbabwe, do you think they have personal interests or what, I know for sure that Mugabe has a lot of influence because he started over two decade ago as president.

    I am also well informed that he is directly involved in many governments in Africa, what will be the end result for Africa if things should go on like this. If Mugabe is the main man of the current revolution what will happen of he dies today or tomorrow?

  11. David: I’ve been thinking about Africa for a long time too. Back in the time of David Livingstone he sat down with a Bushman who told him that god created the African first but chose not to give him many gifts while to the White man he gave ships, guns etc. The Bushman was, of course, very naive.

    There is no god while nothing was given to the White men from this nonexitent god. The economic and social organization you see in Europe is the result of a long historical development and the application of intelligence and industry by the Europeans.

    You then ask…in Africa it is not like that. But does that mean Africa does not deserve it?

    Your attitude resembles that of the Bushman and Africans in the US. In the US Africans call it White Skin Privilege. But is not a privilege it is a matter of applied intelligence and industry. Africans can have anything they want in Africa, nothing is denied them. Euroamericans have poured billions of dollars into Africa while there has been no resulting change in the African standard of living. You ask ‘Does that mean the African deserves it?’ Deserving doesn’t enter into it.

    Look at Zimbabwe and Mugabe. It was once a most prosperous country under White rule. Mugabe took over with the obvious intent of returning the country to tribal customs under Shona rule. He destroyed the very successful agricultural base of the country thereby starving his own people. He needs food. He turns to the White man and says: Give me food. (for nothing, free) The White man does. Whatever happens to either Blacks or Whites is their just deserve. So, in answer to your question, does the African deserve it? Yup.

    Whites who supply people like Mugabe with free food in the circumstances are mere slaves to that tyrant.

    So, when one talks about low and high IQ and genetic superiority what does it really mean? Who is smarter, the low iQ African who commands his European slaves or high IQ, genetically superior Whites who voluntarily enslave themselves to Africans?

    I don’t have any trouble with it. Mugabe must be a genius. He knows what’s going on. He’s able to manipulate and manage not only the Whites but the African leaders, if they do oppose him. He does this while creating chaos in his own country without one shred of ability to either defend his country from attack or to attack others.
    Whites have to give him his guns and ammunition to impose his rule since his currency is worthless and he couldn’t pay for anything if he wanted to.

    I have my reasons for opposing him but I think he’s the most clever politician on the planet. He’s making monkeys of all the White Liberal hotshots in the US and Europe. (A joke was intended.) Personally I would take him over G.W. Bush.

    The only thing anyone is going to do about Mugabe is wait for him to die. I’m embarrassed for humanity.

  12. Thanks for your answers; I am curious what Tsvangirai would have done beside what he did to Mugabe in order to cause a regime change. I believe that at one moment Tsvangirai had massive support even until now?
    Do you think he is a person who has the qualities to rule the country?
    I am sure that these questions have been asked several times by the media and all over the world. Would you suggest that a regime change will be the best solution for that country?

    I personally think that Mugabe’s method will create another issue out of the Zimbabweans themselves The Mugabe party and MDC. Maybe the best way will be to get a young person like Tsvangirai or Simba Makoni? In my own opinion the land issue that Mugabe wants to use as his strength has been resolved, the whole world should know it by now that Mugabe is trying to buy time and to protect his loyal corrupt criminals. I do not think that even if Mugabe dies tomorrow there will be someone capable to reverse if what do you think? And I am sure that if there should come any leader in power he or she will be wise enough not to try and reverse the land back to the whites.

    Back to my question again on what could the opposition part have done, currently the country is in a kind of state of emergency, the soldiers are not happy, police teachers all government workers it’s the same story. There is serious torture, and killing. That is being reported caused by the Mugabe’s party and as far as everyone is aware Mugabe can be there as far as for the next 15- 20years. Tsvangirai claims to have been cheated in the March elections, and there has been enough evidence that the elections were not fare. This means that there is going to be suffering for the next two decades? Do you think Mugabe was going to react in the way he did in 28 March 2008 Presidential election if Tsvangirai had guns and youth training camps outside the country?

    What will the reaction of the international community if Tsvangirai and his party start a rebel group against the government, do you think he is allowed to do that lawfully? Do you think that the international community will not support him? I think if Tsvangirai should announce that he is forming an Amy 99% of the Amy will join him.

    Some rumors say that Mugabe is not originally Zimbabwean he is from Malawi, how far true is that? Joseph Kabila as well not a Congolese? Just before the independency of Zimbabwe a leader called Tongogara Josiah Magamba was killed in a bomb, do you have any idea what happened as a cause?

    Lately there have been some talks that if there should be UN to intervene in Zimbabwe, Russia and china might come to assist Mugabe how far true that is? If that is true why can they give him support now financially now?

    How far true is it that GW Bush rigs the 2000 vs. Al Gore? Going back to America do you think Obama will really make it? Considering the fact that a lot of rich are not happy at moment that the US might go in the hands of the black, Will they not rig the elections? Won’t they assassinate him? This thing is no joke having a black president in the US I am sure it will cause many changes.

  13. David: Thanks for the interesting reply. There were so many wonderings I can’t approach answering them all so I’ll deal with your US portion.

    As far as Bush and Gore one may assume there was cheating on both sides and Bush outcheated Gore. There has always been dishonesty in election whether in America or elsewhere. Man is naturally dishonest.

    Television reporting if anything is always rigged. I heard of a situation in Pretoria a couple decades ago where the TV networks wanted to film a riot. So my informant sitting in a hotel watched a busload of White police and a busload of Zulus pull up. The Cops and Zulus got out. The cameras rolled, the Cops and Zulus tussled. Once filmed the Cops and Zulus got back on their buses and drove off. Nothing is true, everything is false but the visible results that you have seen yourself. Laugh at everything.

    As Obama is a Communist with Communist handlers his thing is being managed, rigged. He is the President designate. McCain is rolling over not trying to get elected. The election is as fixed as was Mugabe’s in Zimbabwe. They are just going about it differently. Once in power Obama’s program will be the same as Mugabe’s. So, the election is rigged but the methods of controlling minds is more sophisticated, more technological here, movies and TV. We’ve all got big screen TVs over here. You’re right, a Black President will be no joke. It should begin a revolution of Whites against Blacks and Liberals with mutual intent to exterminate the opponent. We’ll see.

    As far as assassination goes, for the last hundred years there have been assassination attempts made on every President. I’m sure there have been a great many attempts that have gone unreported. Assassination seems to be one of hazards of office. So I see no reason why there shouldn’t be an assassiantion attempt or two on Obama. Whether one will succeed or not is anybody’s guess. In any event if he is elected I see the country dissolving into anarchy. Only the Reds want a Black President.

    Are you aware that some people are calling for appointing Obama by acclamation, suspending the election? Mugabe and Obama are blood brothers even though the former is a Shona and the latter a Luo. The world has gone insane.

  14. Thanks for your answers on the American. I will not give you many questions because e I am still waiting for the other answers we you can answer them, but I have this one other one. What about the September 11 was it a planned by some Bush’s government officials or not, I have heard all sorts of stories television documentaries?

  15. David: I’m sure you have heard all sorts of theories about 9/11. You’re getting into real conspiracy theory here. I always find it interesting but usually there is very little confirmable proof.

    To assume that Bush or any Western government could conceive of such a plan is, I would have to say, impossible. The West considers life a little more sacred than that.

    The Semitic Moslem earmarks are so apparent that we would have to be obtuse to ignore them. Fifteen, I think of the perpetrators were Saudi Arabs. What is the chance that the Bush Admin could recruit fifteen Saudi suicide bombers? If that isn’t an arrow pointing straight to the heart of Riyadh I don’t know what is.

    I can’t think of a single valid way to connect the Bush Admin to the planning and execution. The next question to ask is was the Admin aware of the attack and did nothing to prevent it? It is clear that others knew of the attack and the exact moment of the attack. Ask why a camera was trained on the upper floors of the Towers. Ask why the camera remained trained after the first Tower was hit waiting for the second. Who manned the camera? A single individual? No. A crew of five, I believe. Were the cameramen of diverse nationalities? No. What were they? They were all Israelis. We can therefore assume the Israelis had advance knowledge at the very least.

    They must have infiltrated somewhere along the line. Perhaps they even made useful suggestions.

    The question is did they share this knowledge with the US? It’s possible. We know that the Israelis wanted to destroy Iraq as they now wish to destroy Iran. They don’t have the power or the means to do this on their own. Even if they did solo it they could only do so if the US financed and provided the weaponry.

    It is probable then that looking for a way to involve Iraq they would want the attack to go through. How they might convince Bush to let it happen is an argument that is a little too recondite for me. But suppose they did. If the Admin questioned the architects they would have been told that the building was constructed to take such a hit. So while there would have been a few million in damage with a very large loss of life (this makes the Administration involvement improbable) it might also provide an excuse for the Bushes to attack Hussein which it seems they wanted to do.

    The targets were the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the White House. Where was Bush on that morning? He was in Florida teaching a kindergarten class. Mere coincidence? Could be, but then he could also have placed himself out of harm’s way.

    US involvement is unclear while Saudi and Israeli involvement seems very clear. But, plan and execute? Seems to me unlikely but then only time will tell…if it doesn’t forget.

    By the way David, don’t wait for answers or some of those questions on Mugabe. What do I care whether he was born over the border in Malawi. If the Shona straddle the border so what? Tribal territories preceded the national ones drawn by Europeans. Even if he was born in Malawi he would still be a Shona.

  16. I often ask myself why Democrats are so angry with the world around them, and why they cannot see what is so clearly in their face. It has long since occurred to me that they are just too stupid to care about what America really needs, or to know how it feels to really be proud of your country. Case in point: Democrats will claim that we, as Republicans do not research the issue, and that we need to listen to their liberal media to get our misinformation. They pepper the issue with shards of truth, and when we call them out on it, they resort to name calling. What I have found is that those that have “book learnin” think that they are equipped to run the world, while the rest of us should just crawl under a rock and watch. What they neglect to realize is that they lack the fundamentals of common sense to work them through it! What this article is saying interests me deeply, and scares the hell out of me because it makes so much sense! It is all true, and it is not racism but the human condition. Blacks have been whining about being treated badly for over a century, I did not enslave them, why should I have to make up for it! If Osama/Obama gets this covenanted office of the Presidency (which I do not concede) then he will raise hell, the conservative Republicans, and even some conservative Democrats will tell you that! I pray for the Bradley effect, because I know there are some racist Democrats that roam the streets of contention too. So hail Obama, Hail Hitler, but just realize that your Messiah will not save you, he will only incite a war of such magnitude that we have not seen. I do not consider myself a racist, but I have seen many a “smart” man do many a stupid thing, all in the name of principle. Hold on to your hats, because I think many of you Obama supporters will be listening to a lot of “I told you so” Oh and for those of you that think this is just a bunch of hate and war mongering… fancy this: Liberal Democrat spin doctors take great pains in the details. It is their job to indoctrinate the stupid people of the world that will follow like sheep to the slaughter. If I post an ad that they don’t like on this or any other site, they will simply disable it, because then if you took such an effort to EDUCATE yourselves you might find it and prove our point. Let me speak in terms you can understand… They make it go bye bye, so you can’t read it dumb dumb! I pray for this Country, the one that I am SO very proud of, EVERY DAY! McCain/Palin 2008!

  17. its funny reading all your posts and how much you guys feel about obama, your pride(exagerated egos’) with your country, the way you love mccain because he is a war veteran and this and that. Well for someone in Zimbabwe and black and from a shona tribe, I would in my opinion say that you guys sound like ZANU PF thugs in every detail. last but not least repindle you have a LOT issues man especially about god i presume you are an earthiest or some such religion, at the end of the day you think that man came from a big bang rthat created a sespul then man. Well continue to deny GODS existance at your own perril.

  18. This debate has degenerated into an intelectual’s nightmare i.e a debate based on superstition and the lack of hard facts-Mugabe is not Obama,they are both very inteligent however Mugabe because of his deprived and cold up bringing has became rather evil.On the other hand Obama’s up bringing was happy and multicultural.Mc Cain cannot match Obama’s inteligence and not even Mugabe’s that is why he was defeated in the election.I have confidence that Obama will put the breaks on Mugabe because his good will and inteligence will match and surpass mugabe’s bad faith and wit.

  19. Confidence is a wonderful thing, Trinos, let’s hope it works.

    I did not support McCain however as a man who suffered incredible hardship and torture defending his country’s interests I can’t tolerate any defamation of him. You owe him an apology.

  20. I agree with the fears RE Prindle has. Basically, he’s saying “this was history, and it looks similar to now.” The lib response is “but this is America, we’re somehow magically different.” As far as Obama’s “brilliant and multiculturaly upgringing,” the man’s an idiot.

    If asked a question without his cadre of advisors, he sounds like an idiot. Why else is he only good over the phone? Cause he has somebody telling him what to say. That’s why he made such a fool of himself every time he was asked a question.

    My fear is that what Obama has talked about are things that are like the things Hitler said. Look up some of Hitler’s old speeches, and look up some of his posters. It may be too late, but the man is the most un-American candidate we’ve ever had (though the libs will probably try to outdo him in 8 years.)

    His speeches ring of things said in the past. And those who say “yes, but it probably won’t happen” I believe are wrong (personal opinion), but those who say “This is America, and therefore it CANT happen” are idiots.

    Be cautious, but don’t be stupid.

  21. Eddie: I’m not talking about fears. I’m talking about certainties. What’s happening in South Africa and Zimbabwe, parts of what we like to call the Global Village, are realities. Mugabe is apparently mad. I read where cholera is being allowed to run out control.

    History is a key to the interpretation of the present but has to be put into the context of evolution, and interpreted through psychology.

    Thus the African feels victimized historically by Whites. While Whites had an early advantage they misused it making Africans their slaves and laborers. While Africans are unable to compete intellectually with nearly anyone else they are the physical equals of Whites and the superiors of Asians hence the feeling of exploitation. (You may be smarter than me but I can kick your ass.)

    Any expoited people will eventually rebel, one hopes that Whites will as soon as they grasp the above fact that they are being exploited, Africans have rebelled several times as they are doing now. A most notable instance was a couple decades before the American Civil War in Haiti when they killed all the White men and made the White women their whores. The savage reaction is known historically as the San Domingo Moment. Look it up and apply it.

    If you read Marcus Garvey, W.E.B. Dubois and James H. Cone, which I’m sure you won’t, you will get some sense of the shame and resentment felt by Africans which is translated into hatred and a fixed desire for revenge. Hence all those criminal Knoxville Horrors.

    Louis Farrakhan openly calls Obama the Messiah. He means the Black redeemer. He who is going to turn the Blacks’ money green.

    Reverend Manning, who should know, says Obama and the Africans are going to trash Whites.

    Kamau Kambon and Noel Ignatiev say that Whites are to be exterminated by any means necessary.

    In the South of Africa Whites are being exterminated by Africans. Down there in that part of the Global Village. Globalism as it’s known. Kamau Kambon and others, responsible Black spokesmen, say that 500,000,000 White males had better count their days because they are a minority in a sea of color.

    Am I afraid? Not for myself. I’m seventy years old and have see all the bullshit I care to see. What I fear is for all those Whites who have a life before them.

    For those who haven’t figured it out yet you have been stripped of your futures by the planned economic crash for racial reasons. The pre-crash days are not going to return. There will be no recovery; there can’t be, it is mathematically impossible. There are people laughing up their sleeves at you while you cringe at the thought of offending their sensibilities.

    As Eddie says ‘Those who say this is American it can’t happen here are idiots.’ I say, it already has happened here. You just don’t recognize it yet. Wake up and defend yourselves. It may already be too late because I don’t that you are men enough to do what you have to do.

  22. Prindle, I am shocked to hear there are people in the US with a better understanding.
    You have Mugabe done to a tea and your initial comment posted is 90% correct. We cannot at this stage predict that the Presidency of Mr Obama will be the downfall of the US, because I beleive(and my beliefs have been strengthened now after reading that which you have written) that there are many Americans that wont sit back and take the financial crisis – no, they will fight this and will pull America and of course the world through the financial problems we are all experiencing. Obama is only one man there are still more than 30% of Americans who have the sense to guide the rest through the mess Bush has made to through any weaknesses Obama may have. Lets hope that Obama will behave more like Mandela rather than the people of his origin – the Kenyans, because if he behaves like the Kenyans (where his father is from) then not only do I say God help America but God help us all!

  23. Taona (his comment is at the top of the comments if this response is placed at the end)

    To say you are a Zimbabwean is meaningless to me. Zimbabwe is merely a geographical description created by Europeans. When pressure had been placed on the Europeans from outside Africa to surrender the surrender was made to Robert Mugabe of the Shona tribe. The Shona in an amazing display of the love of equality immediately began the genocide of the Matabele Zulu and Europeans. So, I find your love of equality hypocritical,

    Why you chose to leave Zimbabwe, where as a Shona (I presume) you were of the governing class and entitled to complete respect to go to a country in which you are basically unwanted and resented displays a certain perversity I find difficult to understand. Do you see me in Zimbabwe where I would likely be murdered soon after arrival? Highly unlikely.

    You say a FEW White people have reduced you to a level. That must mean that the vast majority treat you as an ‘equal.’ So, where’s your complaint?

    According to statistics I have read of Manchester something like 50% of white women have African husbands or lovers and 35% of white men the same. I can only assume you must be a very undesireable person, otherwise you too would have a white lover- male or female, depending on your preference.

    In other words, Taona, you must be something of a crank.

    In a display of your perverseness, after you have said that only a few White people fail to give you the respect you think you deserve you then say that you ‘quite accept Mr. Pringle’s views as representative of the typical White person’s’ Which is it, a few or typical?

    You begin by saying that you only respect people who accept your own ideology much as Mugabe who murders non-Shona by the tens of thousands. If that’s your idea of the ‘equality of all races’ back to Zimbabwe with you before you cause real damage.

  24. Hi, I found this topic totally enthralling. I was brought up in Rhodesia from age five. I boarded in school there and went home to our farm at every available opportunity. I had a frugal but very happy life. Many of my playmates were the black sons and daughters of our farm laborers. I learned a lot about African Customs, especially in my late teens when I would disappear into the bush with our black african hunters. I learned a lot about their traditions and grievances. As jobs were few and far between, mainly due to sanctions against our country, I joined the regular army and fought against the ‘Terrorist’ for ten long years on operations, mainly in the North East where our farm was located.
    My personal view is based on my experience. I certainly did and do not hate black people. I found this sentiment prevailant among most of my special forces colleques. We were not fighting black people, we were fighting an enemy for our right to live in the land that we whites with our superior technical knowledge and they blacks with their superior labour strengths built a country that was worthwhile defending. This is not an indictment but fact. In future years with peace and respect for each other, we were well on our way in transfering our technical skills to the black majority. Our Black labour force on the farm were very close to being able to manage it. This was happening through all levels in organizations and public service. The war was unecessary, but inevitable as colonial goverments started shedding their colonies without much thought or planning for the future by ensuring a responsible take over by the majority. That is what we fought so long for; a future for all Rhodesians in peace without our colonial masters robbing us of our natural resources and us having to beg for money to develop. Our colonial master was broke over this period and the Liberals in charge decided with liberals worldwide to take the easy way out. The rest is history. Blame who you like but my personal opinion is that foreign / UN intervention in any country has resulted in disater all the way. I know of few, if any real successes. My point is that countries and their legitimate born citizens should decide their own fate without outside interference as they are the only people who have a vested interest in the fure for generations to come and not just short term. There may be ‘Survival of the fitest’ in some sort of contest, hopefully not war or genocide. History repeats itself in every coflict in every country yet the big powers always try to impose their own style on governance on a country without much further thought. Hindsight is wonderful, but I wonder what would the situation in Zimbabwe have been today if any of the big powers had not supplied resources to the waring party of their choice? I firmly beleive that Rhodesia and all its people were given a choice in the early 60’s. Either give in to world pressure and hand over government to dubious un qualified characters, in which case ancient black tribal issues and domination of one over the other would have surely resulted in open warfare with the colonists as referee’s. The role they played in all african colonies for hundreds of years. The jewel of africa would be no more.
    Or maintain the status quo with a technically qualified government with acceptable arrangements for a gradual relinguishing of power to an emerging qualified government representing the majority.
    There is raceism in this world, but it is used by many elements to say, ‘Here I am, I want what you have got, you owe’. The longer we go on about racism the longer we will enquire what it is and the is easier it will be to participate. We scream ‘foul’ when we are too lazy to get going and be productive. Africa is being made into couch vegetables as it is easier to wait for the Liberal hand out than to plant the seed and hoe the land.
    A hungary man is an angry man. In poverty he will steal. That is the issue of Africa. Good Governance for the people by the people is within the grasp of all nations. They should be let alone to do it their way, as long as it does harm interfere with other nations.
    Mugabe is simply relying on his own blackness and percetion that Obama’s links with blackness will result in some favor. This is the racist Mugabe we all knew and what the Rhodesians tried to tell the world. Mugabe is more evil in that he persecutes his own people with horrendous crimes. At least we all knew who the KKK enemy was. Obama came on the scene after the ‘Great Betrayal’ and I do not believe for one minute that he will allow Black Africa to influence him because of his roots, certainly not with Mugabe. If he does the american people will see through this, as it must certainly have been on their minds when they voted for him. It was on many of our minds. Finally, Nelson Mandela alluded to the problem when he said something like; When the revolution has succeeded a qualified Government should replace the revolutionaries in power as soon as possible. This statesman and former terrorist is a true South African patriate. A terrorist becomes a statesman, when he is not called upon to answer for his crimes.

  25. Deryck: Thank you for you informative comment. I commend you both for doing your duty for those long ten years and doing it without cultivating hatred. However in this situation of the vengeance of the coloreds on Europeans love isn’t the question, love isn’t the answer. The question is that of will to power; who will dominate or eliminate who. As cruel to your sensibilities as it may be your duty was to push the Blacks out into the Kalahari as the Bantus had done to the San before you.

    Perhaps you had the will to power but that will was blunted by know nothig Euroamericans, the colored dominated UN. At any rate the colored peoples have the will to power while the European peoples have lost it. You cannot win without a will to power, you will end up dead or enslaved.

    Thus when Mugabe with a bloody mind gained control of the guns, Army and Police, he ran the Whites out, murdered as many of the Matabele as possible and to eliminate the evidence of hated White Supremacy trashed the entire country. Love isn’t the question, love isn’t the answer. Guns and the will to use them is both question and answer.

    Now,before Obama was elected the Rev. James David Manning, a Black Harlem preacher, warned the electorate that if they elected Obama he would trash them and that one thing Blacks understand is how to trash. We are now far enough along to divine Obama’s purpose and method- at least for those who will see.

    The Gulf oil spill was no accident. It was designed to trash the old slave states and was very successful. The gulf is ruined, trashed, White people’s lives have been made unpleasant for some time and will probably be made more unpleasant. Like Mugabe Obama doesn’t care if he pollutes the ground he stands on so long as Whites are made to suffer.

    Now, way up North in Michigan, lo and behold, a major spill occurs that is entering the Great Lakes from Chicago to the effluence of the St. Lawrence into the Atlantic. North and South have been trashed. The Negroes turned Detroit into a shithole long ago and now, in all probability they will murder millions because the Lakes supply drinking water from Chicago to Detroit. There is no alternate source.

    So, as I said, Obama had Mugabe as his tutor. Whites are cleared out of Rhodesia while they are being exterminated, with Euroamerican approval, in South Africa. Whites in the US will make excuses for Obama as oil spills, dams break, fires rage out of control, jobs are transferred from Whites to coloreds and Whites die or are mutilated in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly Iran.

    Intelligence is useless without a will to power. So, thanks for your friendly post, I applaud your fine sentiments but, love isn’t the question, love isn’t the answer. We are in a state of war with the colored peoples, the only answer is the will to power, to win by any means necessary.

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