Obama And The Slavery Issue

Obama And The Slavery Issue


R.E. Prindle


     It’s another election year and no candidate seems willing to talk about the slavery issue.  Slavery, reparations and Affirmitive Action (read Reconstruction) seem to be hot issues except in election years.  With a Black Democratic candidate, Mr. Obama, one is surprised at the continued silence concerning the slavery issue.

      In a recent exchange with The Black Sentinel she tried to intimidate me by calling up the slavery issue so the matter is far from dormant.

     Perhaps it is time once gain to give a brief overview of the slavery question.  This has been done repeatedly so I have nothing new to offer but my own perspective.

     Of course, slavery has a world wide history having no preeminent attribution to Africa.  In 1938 for instance Edgar Snow in his Red Star Over China mentions a city of slave boys in China.  At the end of the nineteenth century Moslem Turks were still abducting Europeans.  But let’s deal specifically with Africa.

     Slavery has always been endemic to Africa.  All Africans were the personal property of their chiefs who could dispose of their persons at their whim.  A chief could and did kill or maim and dismember them for his pleasure.  He or she could and did sell them into slavery.  Thus all Africans taken by Europeans were legally  bought and paid for.  Any American Black’s ancestor’s were betrayed by their chiefs.  Your complaint is with Africa and not America.

     The exportation of African slaves began in earnest in the seventh and eighth centuries when the Moslem Empire took form.  The Moslems began by forcibly removing Africans from the Sahel.  Much of early conversion to Moslemism by Africans  was made simply in the hope to prevent exportation of their tribes.

     Over the centuries the Moslem Arabs ranged down the East African coast finally forming their great slave entrepot at Zanzibar.  From there they were ranging down to the Zambezi where they were met by the Europeans and driven back.  Zanzibar continued its existence until the late nineteenth century when the British had enough power to shut the Zanzibarian trade down.

     The Arab Moslems over fifteen hundred years captured and forcibly abducted millions upon millions of Africans the vast majority of whom died on the way to market.

     As there are few Africans still existing in the Arab Moslem States including India I leave their treatment to your imagination.

     Of the West Coast Africans sold by their chiefs to Europeans who transported them to the Americas fromBrazil to the United States the evidence of their multiplication and prosperity is evident to the naked eye.

     Now, while Africans were being taken from Africa both East and West, Africans to the North were raiding the South European coasts forcibly abducting Europeans  into slavery in Africa.  Thus Africa was both exporting and importing slaves.  This continued unabated from c. 1500 until 1830 when the practice was ended by the French and European conquest of the North African coast and the subsequent annexation of West Africa.  Of the millions of European slaves abducted into Africa none have apparently survived.

     Unlike the Americas with their large African populations there are no European enclaves in Africa of freed European slaves.  I think the facts speak for themselves.

     Reparations Reexamined

     Thus if any reparations are due Africans the reparations due to Euroamericans more than cancel any such supposed or real obligations.  I have no hope to persuade any Black Americans of this truth but I hope Whites will come to their senses and dismiss this whole slavery nonsense.



2 comments on “Obama And The Slavery Issue

  1. Please give me a break. For one thing your history is faulty and if you don’t know enough about the structure of African society you really shouldn’t speak to it. And “MILLIONS” of supposedly captured and enslaved Europeans in Africa that somehow disappeared without a trace? Please, that is laughable at best. And how does the slavery of Europeans in Africa dismiss the free labor of black Americans here? It wouldn’t! If we were to believe this tripe it still wouldn’t make any difference. Since if I captured your grandparents and they work for free for me just because some one across the world did something similar would not negate the fact that I made money off of your families labor for free. I would still owe them back pay. But hey whatever floats your boat and makes you feel better about slavery.

  2. Dearest one: The issue as I see it is the horrendous guilt of those nasty White people with their White Skin Privilege and the innocence of the poor African victims. This is as I understand your basic position.

    I merely point out that the Africans are not as innocent as you seem to believe nor is Africa the paradise you depict.

    Africans both sold their people on the one hand and abducted ‘innocent’ Whites on the other. Africa and Africans owe as much or more than you think is your due. Therefore one debt cancels out the other, at least monetarily.

    Besides, you must remember that when your African ancestors transferred the deeds to the Africans from themselves to the buyers those Africans became mere property. This is cruel and hard but is no less a fact for those reasons. Slavery is wrong anywhere in the world amongst any people, nonetheless slavery did exist, does exist and the way things appear to be going is now and will in the future be reinstituted in the United States. Female servitude as prostitutes is an established fact everywhere in the world. That is undeniable.

    Now, when the slave traders imported the Africans to the United States they had a legal right both by African laws and customs as well as American to resell their property. The only purpose of the Africans for the American buyers was to serve as field hands. If the Africans had not been good for that purpose they would have remained unsold in the United States. Thus buying a slave was no different than buying a mule or plow. Having paid their purchase price for the slave they had purchased the labor of that slave as with a mule or any other farm animal. Thus the slave in serving his purpose has no claim for any compensation, then or later.

    Had the Africans been forcibly removed from Africa as the Whites were forcibly removed from Europe the situation would be different. But, legal title was transferred by the African chiefs who asserted that they had legal title to the persons they sold. Hence, as I stated before, if American Blacks have any quarrels or claims they are with their African owners who sold them not with any third parties to whom rights were legally transferred.

    Sad but true. Surely you can understand that, beloved Sentinel.

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