Mr. Obama And The Race Cards

Mr. Obama And The Race Cards


R.E. Prindle


     For whatever reasons they may have Mr. Obama and the Red Queen, Hillary Clinton, have made a pact not to play the Race and Sex cards.  I suppose this agreement is supposed to be a lesson to us all to follow suit.  We are not to let the most obvious and essential facts enter our consideration.

     The Red Queen may be that easy, but I’m not.  I think it is essential that Mr. Obama tell us exactly what his opinions are.  I think he should lay his Race cards on the table face up. 

      Let’s start with Chicago which as I understand Mr. Obama calls his home town.  Chicago Blacks are not only howling for reparations for labor, less room and board I hope, that people they don’t even know did a hundred and fifty years ago, my god, the interest alone would rule reparations out, but they want an apology from the Rock Island Line or whatever railroad for some labor they claim they did on that, gratis.  Don’t they know how many times the railroads have been reorganized over the years?  Go talk to J.P. Morgan.  He’s gone but the address is still there.

     Prior to the Civil War the railroads had been barely thought of so I don’t know what that’s all about.  I thought the Irish served as Gandy Dancers but I may have been misled by those faulty racist school texts of the fifties.  But, I think America is curious to know how Mr. Obama stands on apologies and reparations.  I’m asking you now, Mr. Obama, where do you stand?

     And then there is the matter of the race war.  No small thing.  Not everyone may see it this way but the Civil War was the opening battle of the race war.  When it was over the Whites of the South had been placed under extreme civil disabilities, President Bush notwithstanding, while the Blacks had been made a privileged caste.  The Black Sentinel wonders where the KKK came from?   They were the Civil Rights Activists of their time. Yeh.

     After Reconstruction came Marcus Garvey, Dr. Dubois, Father Divine and Elijah Muhammed.  All roads lead to Chicago.

     And now we have this Pastor of Trinity Church of which Mr. Obama has been a congregant for twenty years or so that he joined as a very impressionable young man.  These men were all Black supremacists.

     In the last few years there has come a call to exterminate the White Race from different quarters, including the Blacks.  Charles from Harlem (I apologize for not being able to remember his last name) calls for flooding the country with tens or possibly even hundreds of millions of Africans to wrest power from the despised White Man.

     Not only Kamau Kambon, who Black Sentinel escoriates as a clown, is calling for the extermination of Whites but the eminently respectable CNN Black anchorman, recently retired, (once again I can’t recall his name never watching CNN) has warned 500 million White men that they are surrounded by a sea of color and their end is near.  This fellow is no fool, he’s going to keep that 500 million strong White nooky handy.  When Quinn the Black Guy gets here they’re all going to run to him.

     I would like Mr. Obama’s thoughts on the race war and I’m sure I’m not alone, White or Black.  Why don’t you tell us, Mr. Obama?

     Affirmative Action?  Or twenty-first century Reconstruction, actually.  That’s a hot topic, Sir, maybe hotter than Change, enlighten us as to your opinion.  Change, hmm?  Change .  Are we to keep it or throw it away in disgust.  Get down, Mr. Obama, tell it like it is.



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