Can We Spare The Change?

Can We Spare The Change?


R.E. Prindle


          Mr. Obama calls for change.  Apparently an enticing call.  Let us remember that we live in a multi-cultural society and that the word ‘change’ has different meanings for different cultures.  Mr. Obama is speaking out of the side of his mouth.

     Let us never forget that Mr. Kamau Kambon has called for the extermination of one billion White people.  Mr. Obama’s friend Charles something or other from Harlem advises us he is going to cause change in America by redressing the racial balance through the immigration of millions of Blacks from Africa.  Such immigration is actually happening right now as you read this.

     Mr. Obama attends an African supremacist church in Chicago and is tight with his Pastor.  Does he share his ideas of ‘change’ with his Pastor.  You bet.

     I am not long for this world and I care little for the opinion of others so I tell you that you should think twice before you embrace the politics of Mr. Obama and his concept of change.  We are already participating  in immense changes that give no indication of letting up.  Managing change seems to be the problem rather than initiating it.

     Start asking Mr. Obama some tough questions before you vote for him.  Your ass is on the line whether you realize it or not.  The Mexican invasion will be as nothing compared to the African invasion.  Listen to Mr. Kambon.  Listen to Charles from Harlem.  They are not joking.  They are deadly serious and they mean to injure you.  Change is coming and I’m telling you now that you are not going to like it.



6 comments on “Can We Spare The Change?

  1. I am wondering what is the connection between Barrack Obama and Mr. Kamau Kambon? Is it that they are both black or is Kambon going to be Obama’s running mate? We can go their for all the candidates if you like. I don’t know if it is a good idea to vote for Edwards. Remember the KKK want all blacks dead or in Africa dying. Watch out for Hilary remember Margaret Sanger who conspired to sterilize all black women. So now where do we go with the others?

  2. Black Sentinel:

    First let me congrtulate you on having survived your purgatory or wade through poisonous waters as you express it. Anyone who makes it through the swamp and comes out the other side whole is to be commended. I too have waded through poisonous waters and come out whole. If you would like to read my horrendous story may I refer you to my blog The story is in the form of a novel intitled: The Sonderman Constellation. You might like to read it and I like to have readers.

    So much for the personal stuff. As your moniker of Black Sentinel indicates your main concern in this multi-cultural wonderland of ours is the supremacy of the Black Culture over Whites and others. I appreciate your list of skirmishes in the race war that society euphemistically refers to as ‘riots.’

    And there you have the connection between Mr. Kambon, Mr. Charles, Mr. Obama, Mr. Al Sharpton, Mr. Jesse Jackson, yourself and any number of Black public figures who are conducting strategy in the race war. I’m sure you don’t believe Mr. Kambon’s call for the extermination of Whites less than war.

    Mr. Obama’s relation to the proponents of the race war should be relatively clear from the racist church he attends and his racist Pastor. There can be no doubt that Mr. Obama’s first concern is the wellfare of Blacks as opposed to the welfare of all. Thus he lies when he states he wants to be President of all American’s or there is a double menaing that has him laughing up his sleeve.

    Thus the connection between Mr. Kambon and other Black leaders, including your own modest self, is one of solidarity and the direction of Afro-American affairs in the very broadest sense of the African-Caribbean-American triangle.

    While the earlier skirmishes in the race war were bloody enough I fear that they will be as nothing compared to the shape of things to come.

    I’m sure you will understand that I am not rooting for Africa.

  3. I have no need nor want for the black race to be supreme over ANY other. I could care less for something that silly or trivial. I don’t think that Mr. Kambon words are akin to any war or anything else. He is never going to be taken seriously by ANYONE, as much as the Aryan Nation who calls for the same thing just opposite.

    Also, I don’t believe that anyone being proud of their heritage is looking for a race war. Why is it that when blacks have pride they are radical, racist and looking for superiority. And before you even ask, no I see nothing wrong with whites being proud of their heritage. I don’t have a problem with white people that are pro white. The problem I have is with white people who feel that I am proud of my race BUT now I have to show how YOUR race is terrible and keep you down. I have no patience for that. Also, in any post that I put up the majority are in response to the hordes of racial comments that I get.

    You say that Barracks first concern is the welfare of blacks, well then it should stand to reason and safe to say that any or all white presidents, governor’s, mayors, house of representatives, congressmen, fortune 500 CEO’s, and any and every other white person in powers first concern has been and is white people. Or are all white people somehow immune to this fallacy that Barrack somehow is going to fall into. See you will tell me that somehow blacks can’t be concerned with the welfare of all and yet white people care so much about ALL of us when racial disparities have done nothing but flourish the entire time we have had nothing but white leadership.

    I don’t personally care whether Barrack wins or not but I would like to know if the fear that you have if he does has anything to do with the potential loss of white privilege and dominance? I don’t pretend to think that Barrack has any intention of being some voice of the black community since he isn’t concerned with blacks now. He has no intention of changing the status quo which is white dominance. He is your meaning white people’s man. He is not nor never will do anything that will harm his status in white corporate America trust me. He hasn’t done much for the blacks in Illinois so that should be a little bit of a clue for everyone.

    Don’t take my “moniker” wrong. Black sentinel means I am a watch person looking out for black issues. You should understand that as you and predominantly every other person of power in the United States is looking to watch out for the dominant white culture, right?

    I will be rooting for Africa everyone loves an underdog.

  4. Sentinel—You really should look in to what’s being said to very large crowds of people at Obama’s church—this is not racial pride—it’s inciting hatred and hostility. The context of the pastor’s sermons have nothing to do with saving souls, rather, causing listeners to feel like they have to fight. My biggest problem with the whole matter is that this church has the name of Christ in their name and race is not acknowledged in the Bible. Dark-skinned is mentioned a few times but not in a relevant manner. You should be as concerned as the next person, given that Louis Farrakhan is not a good playmate. You can keep your racial disparities bias/prejudice. Whites have gone out of their way (granted, I know some that make me cringe on both sides) to bridge the gap but nothing is ever enough. Where is this entitlement attitude bred? Could it be in churches like being discussed? I remember well the things I was taught as a child; do you deny that this church is brainwashing young people? Their membership is 8-10,000.
    Barack Obama should step out of this race. I do not know what to suggest for Democrats…I’m voting for Ron Paul in hopes of seeing his vision of the Constitution being “reinstated”!!

  5. You are right Odale the small things that have been done are NOT enough. Why should we be happy with some small change. Why not EQUALITY? Why do blacks only make 78% or what white people make. I was watching that on CBS or is this another lie. I can attest to this first hand as I am black and know for a fact that the white lady who had the same title as me and less experience had more pay than me. I was told not to worry about it and to be a team player. I don’t think they are being team players. But that is not here nor there.

    I don’t think that telling children the truth if what they are telling them is that there are racial disparities in which they are on the losing end. I don’t see the problem. Now if they are telling the kids just to fight because white people are white I have a problem. I don’t think that they should be filling their kids heads with false senses of equality and white are your equals when it isn’t true.

    You say that what is done for blacks is never enough. Like I said until TRUE equality is met then nope not enough has been done. Until white privilege is ended enough isn’t done. People like yourself seem to think that anything that a black is able to get should be enough. Also, from your rhetoric I could tell you were a Ron Paul supporter.

    So I guess the crap that came out of his newsletter is just fine with you. He should bow out with Obama as I won’t vote for either.

  6. Sentinel- You are no different than the ones in the media always making claims. I do not buy into the disparity rhetoric b/c of life experience, certainly not b/c of anything I heard on CBS. I’m disappointed that you would base your opinions/stance on such.
    I have an acquaintance who’s a restaurant manager and, although he’s black and from Charleston, SC (u know, the dreadful south), he’s afraid to hire blacks b/c if one wrong word is said, there’s trouble. (Just like the Clinton’s words were distorted). He has said that the attitude is embarrassing. We became acquainted thru military friends who have served in the MEast wars. The only part of this that I fear is that your world is too small. Prof. Walter Williams writes for…maybe you will appreciate his analyses?
    With so much accommodation going on that hinders one ethnicity (also life experience) and assists another, you are chasing shadows and lower my opinion of your ability to justly reason. If you were, indeed, a “sentinel”, you would be concerned about this world as a whole. As you refer to ‘sentinel’ as a ‘watchman’, perhaps you refer to Ezekiel, Chapter 33? It also teaches that without watching and warning, blood is on our hands. Not one word about warning only certain groups. I mention that b/c I first became alerted to Obama when Oprah endorsed him and I have known for a while that she is a New Age Movement proponent, which would lead in to a whole lot about One World Orders, and so on. It has nothing to do with race…I think Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer are confused, too, and one is as reprobate as the next. Another life experience—they are poisoning our children. The One World Gov’t is one factor for choosing Ron Paul and I recommend anyone read his speeches letters, and articles. We should be so lucky to have a decent man who wants a strong United States.

    Regarding Ron Paul’s newsletters, no one is sure what to make of it, but there’s a lot of noise, especially when compared to the CURRENT creeds of Obama’s church and the fact that LFarrakhan was honored by the pastor, in fawning measure, I might add. Islamic radicals should worry anyone!

    I am out of patience with this discussion, Sentinel. Please study both sides of an issue and pray that it is resolved before what’s being said behind closed doors and now coming to light, makes fools of us all. Our enemies are loving the distractions!

    Have you read the stories about the super volcano under Yellowstone Park? We may not be here for an election!

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