Time Has Come Today!

The Time Has Come Today!

An Open Letter To Al Sharpton

The time has come today, Mr. Sharpton for you to reevaluate your position.  Change is now Mr. Sharpton, the time has come today for you to make some changes in your understanding.

How is it Mr. Sharpton that after calling women ho’s for sixty years of your life you turn on a hapless radio announcer for jokingly using a term that you’ve used all your life.  It would be bad enough if the term did mean ‘whores.’  What kind of people refer to their women universally as whores?  Or does the term mean ‘hole’, Mr. Sharpton?  A woman is only of use for her  holes in your book, is that it?  What kind of people think like that Mr.  Sharpton?

And when did the light dawn on you that referring to women as ho’s was disrepectful?  Was there a ground swell of  revulsion against the practice in your own community that you led?  No.  It was only when your Liberal handlers ramped up their courage to object that you searched out a hapless innocent scapegoat to carry your very own sin and those of your people out into the wasteland.  The height of hypocrisy don’t you think?

The time has come today Mr. Sharpton for you to abaondon your racist attitudes.  I’m shocked Mr. Sharpton that you can intellectually equate the suspending of a noose from a tree with the brutal beating of one man by six.  Never mind the color of the victim or perpetrators.  We are not talking about race here.  I’m asking how you can possible equate the suspension of a rope from a tree with beating a man near to death and then go to the defense of the sluggers?  I’m waiting for your answer Mr. Sharpton.

The time has come today Mr. Sharpton for you to explain how you can remain silent when a group of men capture two innocent victims, torture them, mutilate them, force their penises down the woman’s throat and then to destroy DNA evidence pour lye down a living woman’s mouth hole?

Aren’t you outraged Mr. Sharpton?  The Reverend Mr. Sharpton?  The man of God?  What kind of God do you represent Mr. Sharpton?  I refuse to call a person Reverend who can differentiate crimes of that magnitude and excuse them on the basis of race.  You are a despicable racist Mr. Sharpton.

The time has come to today to change Mr.  Sharpton.  Change is now.  Do it.  The time has come today Mr. Sharpton for you to renounce any leadership pretensions.  Decency demands it.


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