A High Honor For Your Daughter



A High Honor For Your Daughter


Dr. Anton Polarion

I just bought a copy of the TASCHEN publication of All American Ads Of The 40s. At the height of the war American Locomotive ran the following ad that sounds like wonderful high flown sci-fi. This is amazing stuff and they were serious.

A High Honor For Your Daughter

The Nazis look upon us as a degenerate nation. But they have a great respect for our accomplishments. And, if they win, they may decide that we have something in our blood which they can use in building their master race.

For they are great believers in eugenics, these Nazis. They’re strong for selective breeding.

You they may cast aside and put to some ignominious task, such as scrubbing sidewalks or sweeping the streets. But your daughter…well, if she’s young and healthy and strong, a Gauleiter with an eye for beauty may decide she is a perfect specimen for one of their experimental camps.

A fine honor for your daughter…

Does this seem a story spun in the realm of fantasy? It isn’t. It is now happening, all through Europe. The latest experiment of the victorious Nazis has been to ship Austrian and Hungarian girls to the Northern countries. The result of these unions…unblessed, of course, by matrimony…will not be known for some time. But the Nazis, you must admit, are not above innovation.

Two, three, four, five years from now they may ship American girls to some far corner of the earth…may select your daughter…if you relax, if you fail to do your part now. If you say, hopefully, “It can’t happen here. We can’t lose.”

No, we can’t lose. We can’t afford to. We must not. Else all the terrors, all the degradation, all the misery, and suffering that have been loosed upon Europe will be loosed upon us. We of all people will not escape it. We shall be the chosen…we shall be the elect…in the Nazi scheme of things.

We who have only just begun to win. We who risk the danger of resting on our new won laurels and considering the job done.

This is no time to relax. This is the time…the opportune time…to do all we can to get this war over sooner.

We must measure up to the job!

Boy! After that I’d sure as hell want to get the job over sooner. Now, I can understand why the Jews are still looking under their beds for Nazis. You never can tell. The Hydra exists. Thank God for the American Locomotives of this great country to look out for us. Geez! I’m sure glad we didn’t let up and did all we could so we won that one. Now I know why they call it the ‘just’ war.


Down And Dirty In Detroit



Down And Dirty In Detroit


 R.E. Prindle


Well, you know, what are we going to do about Detroit. The former city, now a sort of squatterville, has been reduced to a population so Negro that only about seven percent of the people are White. God only knows were they hide out.

Apparently the only jobs in this wreck of a city are provided by the various governments chiefly that of the former municipality of Detroit while one wonders what the seven hundred thousand or so Negroes who comprise the main mass of population do for a living. The industry has all left. The population has been more than cut in half. Apparently nothing as very few pay their water bill as the roll call of unpaid households nearly equals the delinquents.

While it seems to be going unnoticed it costs a lot of money to run and maintain a water department. Thus actually those costs were supposed to be underwritten by those connected to the water mains. The Negro administrators of this bankrupt town, that is one owing 20 billions of dollars with revenues in the millions, most of which goes to Negro city employees, in desperation are shutting off water to delinquents.

As I say, the Department doesn’t run on water it merely supplies it. Cash has to enter the system from somewhere. Of course the former city could just hire everyone and deduct the water bills from their wages, something like Social Security.

One wonders how the former city got into this debacle. There are loud but necessarily obscure voices on the internet, as the internet is the only place they can hope to be heard, who say that Negroes can’t adjust to civilization and this is the obvious result.

The Alternet, linked above, thinks like this:

Detroit, Michigan was once a thriving city but was sent into a tailspin by the deindustrialization of the United States, white flight, and institutional racism which blamed black people who were in fact victims of catastrophe.

Well, right. They were running the city and caused the catastrophe they were victims of. Institutional racism escapes me. Must be something like White Privilege.

As, perhaps a partial explanation, Alternet also gives this as a cause: …big banks,..sold risky derivatives to corrupt Detroit politicians…. Which banks to which politicians? Back toward the middle of the last century when Negro Coleman Young became mayor and led his people in triumph over the Whites who had not yet flown, the former White mayors had reduced Detroit’s debt to just over a billion. A few more years under their administration and the city, it was a city then, may have been debt free. And that is FREEDOM my friends.

The debt skyrocketed under successive Negro mayors, the city now reverted to desert ruins has been in Negro hands since Young. Now, one is not sold derivatives, one buys them. A ninny could have bought the recent mortgage bonds that resulted in such a disaster also and many did but a heck of a lot more didn’t. Bernie Madoff suckered a lot of people with his dodge but more weren’t than were. It was a choice. Sometimes a financial scheme not only looks but smells fishy.

It is certainly true that the bankers never get hurt, in fact they’re prospering more now than then, but the real cause of the demise of Detroit is that those Negro mayors spent more than they took in. An undeniable fact, don’t you think? While the subject is more complex than one might think- I recommend The Slaughter Of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing by E. Michael Jones for a detailed history of this Detroit situation- the fact is Negroes burned down Detroit in 1967. The city became unsafe for Whites at any time of day or place. Why wouldn’t they fly? If they shot back they would go to jail not the Negroes. The law had been perverted.

No, The problem in fact is the Negro. The bankers too but they have so many AA hires these days one can’t say Negroes aren’t a larger part of the pollution there too.

What then? The fact is Detroit cannot run a water system unless someone pays the bill. Maybe Daddy Warbucks will show up and laughingly take care of business. The human, or Negro problem rather, is preposterous. The water systems were predicated on householders paying their bills or else. There are alternatives, however outdoor privies went out of fashion when indoor plumbing came in when I was a child. Wells are now non-existent besides they used to be right next to the privies. I don’t know how I survived childhood.

We know Negroes are good at improvisation so perhaps they will work something out, a bucket brigade from the river or something. But hey! This preposterous situation is happening right here in formerly first world USA. Detroit is only the leading edge of the tsunami, there are a couple dozen US Negro cities forming the crest behind Detroit. Are you ready?

Who said: It can’t happen here.


While We Sit And Dither

Cry, the beloved country.  Listen and act.  GET THESE PEOPLE OUT.


Adriana Stuijt: I’ve read your Dec 2013 article on Nelson Mandela’s legacy: http://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.nl/2013/12/nelson-mandelas-legacy-210-white-famers.html with great interest because its statistics are accurate. Check out what the facts are only 18 months later: There now is a fullscale genocide in the works, with the ANC regime not only barring ‘whites’ from the labour market by some 108 black-racist laws, so that more than1million Afrikaner-and Boer whites now wage a battle for survival in squatter camps; but 6 new laws are going to be enacted which will cause the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of whites from their homes, from their businesses, from their farms, and even confiscate their ‘assets’defined as bank account contents, savings and stocks and bonds. Where all those whites will go to once they are driven from the homes they have built to house their families, nobody seems to know. There are very few landfill-sites left where they could flee to because South Africa also has at least 15million illegal poor black migrants who are settling around all the big towns in massive squatter cities. Also South Africa now has some 500,000 Red Chinese citizens who are taking over everything in sight, from platinum mines which are brought to their heels and forced to sell by month-long strikes; to other crucial industries. Many of the well-run, safe gold-mines now are derelict and being stripped by scrap-metal thieves and by illegal miner-gangs called Zama Zamas who send children down the dangerous shafts on ropes, forcing them to hack away ore from the sides and from the tunnels below. The illegal ore is melted in back-yards of shanty-towns, creating an ecologica disaster which is polluting South Africa’s very limited water supplies. Meanwhile 1million ‘whites’ have already fled from this insanity, but the Afrikaners and Boers are trapped, they cannot afford to ‘emigrate’ and are doomed to die of starvation and the violence which is expected to sweep the country once the ANC’s new ‘confiscation laws’ are enacted. Land occupations have already started and scores of ‘whites’ are attacked each day, often tortured and mutilated and killed: We log these events daily on : http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports June 3, 2014 at 11:30 PM

Henry Ford, Aaron Sapiro And The Food Corner



Henry Ford, Aaron Sapiro  And The Food Corner


R. E. Prindle

While cruising the internet in the past little while I have come across stories that claim the food supply is in process of becoming a tool of social engineering. The idea at first glance seemed as preposterous as the Nazi extermination camps when we first heard of them.

But then in my examination of Henry Ford’s so-called war on the Jews (Google R.E. Prindle Henry Ford) and researching Aaron Sapiro’s suit against Henry I came across a Sapiro reference to his guru David Lubin. It would appear that Lubin in Europe and Sapiro in the US were aiming for a world wide corner in wheat. It was their intent to hold the wheat crop off the market until they got the price they wanted.

From there it seemed a short step to favoritism in parceling out the supplies. And then my mind drifted to the Monsanto plan of engineering a wheat grain that would sprout only once and then become sterile thus necessitating the grower to buy a new supply of seed every year. The grower is then at the mercy of Monsanto.

Thus wheat has actually become a tool of political control, from there to flour and from flour to baked goods. A small step then to requiring chits to buy your bread. No compliance, no chits. Eventually control extending to all food stuffs and complete domination of the populace.

It would seem then that Ford clearly perceived the direction the Jews of his time were leading us. Is it any wonder they wanted to destroy him? Already at the time the Jewish criminals were in control of NYC’s bread supply so that every loaf of bread sold contributed a cent or two into Jewish coffers.

It would seem that a certain alertness is necessary on our part at this time. Keep you powder dry. Flour power that is. Ha, ha.


Globalism As A Fact Of Life



Globalism As A Fact Of Life


R.E. Prindle

Globalism is taking shape. First goods were imported from Japan. Then US companies sent manufacturing off shore to many places, most notably China but the companies always headquartered in the US.

But now Pfizer Pharmaceuticals is doing a very obvious thing. The corporate tax rate in the US is 35% while the same tax rate in England is 20%. Therefore Pfizer, the largest Pharmaceutical company in the world is buying England’s largest pharmaceutical for over a hundred billion dollars and will move its headquarters to England to reduce its tax by 15%.

What else could one expect? US cities and States compete with each by giving tax breaks to companies so why shouldn’t it be done globally. Perhaps Wall Street will move. If Mexico catches on quickly maybe even to Mexico City.

What will the dullard Great Pretender in DC do? If he doesn’t move quickly, that is issue another Executive Order, redistribution of the wealth to ‘his people’ will become a moot point. No wealth to redistribute.

The estimable Pat Buchanan, https://www.vdare.com/articles/abolish-the-corporate-income-tax-and-bring-offshored-jobs-home , has indicated the path the Great Pretender should take. Simply abolish the corporate income tax thereby keeping what we all may have thought of as ‘our’ corporations and perhaps attract a host of others. That would decrease our unemployment reducing those costs while receipts from personal income would offset the loss in corporate taxes plus.

It’s a possibility. The Great Pretender is going to have to think and act fast though. Here’s where economics demolishes ideology. Act, Barry, Act!


So What About IQ?


So What About IQ?


R.E. Prindle

IQ is both more simple and more complex than would appear. First of all the measurement of IQ depends on literacy and numeracy. Without those two you can’t be tested.

Secondly your test must be culturally based. A test suitable for US Whites would be incomprehensible to Negroes or Chinese and vice versa. If tests are culturally sensitive the scores might not be meaningful. It would be apples and oranges in comparison. Obviously a test within a culture can be compared to obtain high or lower scores. Thus the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese are said to have the world’s highest average IQ. But there is no universal test that can be fair for all cultures. So, we are asked to believe that a billion and a half of historically low achievers have an average IQ of 106.

There is nothing to demonstrate that the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese have ever historically performed to a high IQ standard.

Thirdly, a problem involves the nature of the various Homo Sapiens species. Homo Africanus as a species is composed of several races. All Africans are not equal. For instance the Bantu consider the Bushmen to be stupid. Culturally within Africanus the Yoruba of middle Nigeria are quite different from the Kenyan Kikiyu. Any IQ test has to be specific for each of those two very different cultures.

Now, it is said that the range of IQ in species other than the White are within a relatively narrow range while the White varies wildly between a functional 85 and a high of 160 or perhaps above.

If the two Africanus species, Bantu and Bushmen, differ enough in intelligence as races it would seem logical to conclude that Whites are one species but they comprise two or three races within their species to account for the wide variance. I mean, evolution leaves its traces. The earliest evolved Whites, ostensibly from Africanus, have, perhaps, an average IQ of about 85, while a second more highly evolved ’race’ is somewhere between say 100-130 and a third ‘race’ even more highly evolved, above 130, thus accounting for the wide apparent variance among Whites.

After all evolution advances in small increments and not large jumps.

The idea of separate Homo Sapiens species containing distinct ‘races’ runs counter to the ‘all men are created equal’ ideology that prevails so it is denounced and rejected by the prevailing ideology.

Yet scientific research indicates the evolution to be true. That it is true can be confirmed by the fact that those researchers who have determined further evolution to be true have been silenced. Yes, shut up. You don’t silence crackpot notions you ridicule them. The conclusion then is obvious. Intelligence differences are real both special and racial within the species.

The only question is what to do. Squash the facts for ideological reasons or let the chips fall where they may?



Which Side Are You On?

Which Side Are You On?

Decide Now


R.E. Prindle

There is no question that we have a global economic and political situation. There is also no question but that with globalism the so-called nation state is a thing of the past in fact if not in lingering aftereffects. The Global world then is divided by race, or species as the knowledgeable say, and ideology. You are Red or White, and I use the term in the political context and not the racial.

Therefore loyalty is to your side and not to any administrative unit. For instance the Negro species and the Red ideology is currently administrating the US unit. As a White and an Aryan I owe no allegiance to the Red Negro administrator Barry Obama as the leader of the Negroes and Reds. It appears that Putin is heading we Whites and Aryans. Therefore I am aligned with Putin as a White and an Aryan.

Barry who for some reason, perhaps at the instance of the Jews who considers the Russians as neo-Amalekites set for extermination root and branch, I say, Barry has decided to sanction Russia. This is absurd. He is asking Exxon to repudiate their contractual obligations in Russia in support or his idiotic sanctions. Barry is living in the past or is evil.

The idea of sanctions against Russia is insane in a global economy in which Exxon is in competition with China, India, Europe and others for their share of the oil and perhaps a bit more if they are to maintain their global status as a major player. To cooperate with the Red Negro is to jeopardize their very existence. Exxon, I presume, is a White company staffed primarily by Aryans. It therefore behooves Exxon to align themselves with Putin as leader of the Whites and Aryans. They must maintain their preeminence.

If this causes conflict with the Reds and Negroes as led by Barryo and his Boyos then it is necessary for Putin and Exxon to face him down. Apply sanctions against the US.

If it is true that China will become the world’s largest economy by the end of this year, then the US and Russia both become secondary powers. However Russia is self-sufficient and independent while combined with the rest of Europe is as big or bigger than China. The US become a Chinese satrapy or client unit in a few months. China will have full control of our economy while being able to directly influence Barry’s administration.

This will end Aryan governance of the US as the several attacks on the Aryan intellect recently, notably the basketball brouhaha, are intended to influence the Aryan vote in this year’s congressional elections. It is very likely that the Reds, or Democrats, will get at least two thirds of the House and all of the Senate seats up for grabs. Controlling the polls as they do the results would be unlikely to go White.

At that point Barry, Red and Negro, will be able to control legislation, no longer having to rely on spurious Executive Orders, without let or hindrance. This is in the bag and there is no question about what he will do. He will probably bide his time until after the elections.

However Barry does not represent we Whites and Aryans so we are under no obligation to observe any laws against us he may pass or, actually, any laws he has already passed or may pass.

Putin is our man. Stay alert and prepare to be firm.

Think globally, act locally.

Which side are you on?




The Attack Of The Sponge People



The Attack Of The Sponge People


R.E. Prindle

Do I Really Get It?

Do I Really Get It?

 Everyone agrees that the administration of Spongemaster Barry is a continuing and mounting disaster. And why not? The Spongemaster has divided the country into two camps- the Providers and the Sponges. The Ants of fable, the Providers, labor so that the Sponges can live off their labor while providing nothing themselves.

The question is how long can the Sponges absorb the productivity of the Providers before they consume it in whole. The Sponges look at the results of the accumulated labor of the Providers and see the results but ignore the labor, the planning and the uses of the accumulated wealth. They think the accumulation occurred by magic leaving them out, hence unjust.

The Sponges merely say that there is no reason the Providers should have the results of their labor but that their labor should be ‘redistributed’ to themselves so that like the Cricket of fable they can play, sing and dance with no thought of the morrow.

Spongemaster Barry and Sponger General Eric ‘My Sponges’ Holder continue to bring more Sponges into the country to sponge up the accumulated labor of the Providers more rapidly. They think the wealth is inexhaustible.

The results of such behavior are obvious to the unaided eye. Why don’t the Providers set Spongemaster Barry and his army of Sponges aside? Put them in their place? That is the question for the curious, isn’t it?


Unintended Humor From France Again


Unintended Humor From France Again


R.E. Prindle

Hello Lunacy Central?  I have a case to report.  France is at it again.  This time they tried to nail the Bobber himself, Bob Dylan.  That was right after awarding him the Legion of Honor.  For having a scratchy voice and still soldiering on, I guess.  Apparently it would have been unseemly to give him the Legion of Honor and then slap him in jail or a year and fine him 62,000 dollars.

I guess he murdered an African and then shouted ‘Nigger, take that.’ making it a ‘hate’ crime.  A year and 62,000 would have been appropriate for some thing like that.

But no!  In a country known for draconian punishments for freely expressing forbidden thoughts one has to search Bob’s ‘hate’ speech carefully for cause.  I think Bob was a little coarse and I too find his comments objectionable and puerile but for different reasons than the French.  Bob can send me the 62K and keep the year for himself.  Enjoy.  Hey, we’re all free or in jail depending on our attitude toward life  Right Bob?

Bob said in an interview with Mikal Gilmore of Rolling Stone the following:

This country is too fucked up about color.  It’s a distraction.  People at each others throats just because they are of a different color.  It’s the height of insanity, and it will hold any nation back.  Or anything back.  Blacks know that some whites didn’t want to give up slavery- that is if they had their way, they would still be under the yoke, and they can’t pretend they don’t know that.  If you’ve got a slave master or Klan in your blood, blacks can sense that.  That stuff lingers to this day  Just like Jews can sense Nazi blood and the Serbs can sense Croatian blood.

Now, I just object to the whole tenor of his opinion, which might better have remained unexpressed, but I don’t think Bob should be shot at dawn.  Of course the ‘humane’ French have thrown in the towel on capital punishment.  By golly, if you can detect the racism in Bob’s quote the French are only going to throw you in prison for a year and fine you 62K.  That’s equitable isn’t it?

If you haven’t figured out Bob’s offence yet it’s the part about the Serb and Croat.  Something called the Representative Council of the Croatian Community and Institutions in France got a hair up their collective rectum and filed a complaint.

What Croatian institutions if France do they have and why?  What is this a little Croat cancer cell in France?  Is it going to grow and do battle with the Muslim and African cells  and any French who might claim France their turf too?  Jesus, the courts are going to spend a few tens or hundreds of thousands to try that?  As we say in the US, Croats- get a life.

Fortunately for Bob a lifetime of some sort of service to the revolution got him a reprieve.  Get this: The charges against Bob have been dropped because he didn’t expressly authorize  Rolling Stone to publish his egregious gaffe in France.  Good thinking Bob.  Always protect your back.

But, somebody has to pay.  The charges have been transferred to Michael Birnbaum who publishes French Rolling Stone.  He can now look forward to a year in jail and a loss of 62,000 smackers for being a very poor proof reader.

Good luck France or overseas Africa or whatever you call the place and may your legislators rot in hell.

Let’s give the Galliano law a rest.

Barry’s Blather: Jobs For Every American

Barry’s Blather:

Jobs For Every American

State Of The Union Speech 2014


R.E. Prindle

The idea’s I’ve outlined so far

Can speed up growth and create more jobs.

But in this rapidly changing economy

We have to make sure

That every American

Has the skill  to fill those jobs.

Here Barry shifts into blather deluxe mode.  What do these two well sounding sentences mean?

Underlying them is the notion that the economy has been nationalized.  The needs of industry are not going to dictate ‘speeded up growth’ and ‘creating more jobs’ but that process is going to be dictated by Barry from Washington DC through such government agencies  as The American Job Centers, a new one on me, ‘places where folks can walk in to get help or training they need to find a new job’ or, get this, ‘better job.’

Barry’s floating around in the ozone in total cognitive disconnect.

This sentence means that any prospective employee is dependent on a socialist politicized government for a favor which undoubtedly would have to be repaid, I mean, everybody must give something for something they get, right?  if by nothing else than loyalty to his governmental benefactor.  In other words it’s back to the nineteenth century views of Karl Marx.

Who can walk right in and be handed a job?  Every American.  Sounds good doesn’t it?  But, who is an American?  Barry has already said that to improve the economy, grow it, he’s going to import millions of immigrants in addition to those already illegally here who have ‘earned’ the right to be American citizens.  In Barry’s lexicon these are ‘new Americans.’

So, where are these additional Americans to come from out of the potential eight billion Americans out there?

Largely from the jungles  and deserts of Africa.  These are people who don’t speak English while they are totally ignorant of the requirements of a high technology civilization.  Boy, are they going to need training, and support while they’re getting it.  Barry and his boy Holder have already demonstrated that they are giving precedence to ‘their people’ so there is no reason to suppose they will not give precedence to these ‘new Americans’ from Africa over ‘old Americans.’

So while Barry says ‘every American’ can just walk in it is obvious that certain ‘Americans’ are going to be more equal than others for these jobs Barry is going to create.  They don’t exist yet.  Barry will have us believe that he is going to ‘create’ these jobs out of whole cloth or thin air.  Unfortunately he hasn’t found the pattern yet having lost many more jobs than this maestro has created in his first five years.

Does anyone, can anyone, have any confidence, even a smidgen, in the blather of this pseudo-religious, utopianist, Communist blowhard.


Martin Luther King did nothing for all Americans and neither has the Blather Master General.  Nor will he.  Put him on a boat back to Kenya.